Friday, October 06, 2006

Pumpkin Patch & Hearing Aids

Okay - I know it is a weird combination but those are the events of our life this week. First, the pumpkin patch. Dillon and I went to our first M&M (Mommy and Me) activity on Tuesday which was to a pumpkin patch. We rode on a hayride then Dillon picked his pumpkin from the field - can you believe he picked one that is bigger than him! Of course he let Mommy carry it so he didn't mind. :-D The rest of the pictures can be found at

Then on Wed. I took him for a heaing test. I didn't think I would be given the results but she did tell me! He is moderately severe to severe hearing impaired. This means that he can hear a lawn mower or an air plane if he is next to them but he cannot hear in the vocal range. His right ear is a little better than the left although she didn't get to finish the test on the left becuase he wouldn't stay asleep (of course the one time I want him to sleep.....!!) Anyways, we will go back next wed and see if his congestion is adding to the hearing loss at all. It MAY be part of the problem and thus he MAY actually only me moderate hearing loss - we will see. This is good news in a way though. Of course I do not want my son to have to wear hearing aids for the rest of his life - it is IS a blessing that hearing aids will help to hear almost as well as we do! She said his hearing could get worse, but it could get better too. It is VERY rare that it would improve so well that he wouldn't need them at all - but we do have a Great God that can fix Dillon's ears if he wants. And even if he doesn't Dillon should be able to hear with the hearing aids. Until he is fully grown (in his 20's) he will have to wear the kind that go over the ear so we get to pick the color. Daddy wants to go with the clear ones - so clear it is! When he is a little bigger we can get colored parts that go in his ear but right now he will be out growing them every months so he just gets the boring skin tones for now. That is about all with his ears. The vision therapist came yesterday, which was her first time seeing him awake, but she THOUGHT he might have looked at her christmas lights twice. There is no way to tell for sure it was just her "gut feeling" :)
This link is a picture of the hearing aids Dillon will have, except we will probably get him the clear ones. (Sorry, I can't get the picture to upload into my blog!)


joy said...

oh so cute! he is growing so big. is he almost 4 months??? time sure does fly.

Anonymous said...

Our little pumpkin among the pumpkins. Such a sweetie. Pick him up and sing "Jesus Loves Me" in his right ear for us and tell him Grandpa, Grandma and Aunty Hannah loves him.

Life full of blessings said...

What a little pumpkin!
Super cute! :)
I will email you soon....sorry that your emails have not been getting through, not sure what that is about!
Enjoy your precious little man!

Happymama said...

I love, love, love the picture. It is absolutely adorable. LOL You should blow that one up!

I don't think Dillon needs it, but this post made me think of a lady in our church. She's been deaf since she was two and is over forty now. Just a year or two ago, she had a coclear implant and it's amazing that at one point, I really couldn't talk to her except for her reading my lips. Now we carry on conversations all the time and she always tells me how much she likes to hear me sing. LOL It's just amazing to me how well they work and blesses me when I see her stand up and raise her hands in praise when she hears something that is blessing her.


Happymama said...

I spelled that was cocHlear implant. LOL Sorry.