Sunday, June 28, 2009

Long time - no post

It has been a long time since I last posted. A lot has happened. I will try to hit a few of the major things.

June 16, 2009 - Dillon's THIRD birthday! Happy Birthday my sweet baby! We were in WV with Josiah's family and traveled home on Dillon's birthday, but the day before we went out on a lake and had a birthday party with a cake and all. Dillon's birthday is always a mix of emotions for me. I am so happy he is alive! I am so happy he is doing relatively well. I am happy for every little step of progress he has made. I am sad, though. Sad for all the things Dillon can't do. Sad that he has to live in a body that is controlled by such a hurt brain. Sad that he has to struggle for everything in life - even his next breath. But I am rejoicing that he is in God's hands. Rejoicing that I know God has a purpose for Dillon's life. I know that God would not leave Dillon here on this earth, with his body the way it is, if He didn't have a great purpose for Dillon. So you see - June 16 is a day full of different emotions. This year, I choose not to dwell on the reasons to be sad and to only dwell on those that will make me rejoice. Also this year on Dillon's birthday the Pottstown Mercury published a wonderful article on Dillon's upcoming trip to China. To read the article go here

Or copy paste this:

June 17, 2009 – June 24, 2009 Dillon’s auction went well! As I said, once all the money comes in we will have raised about $1,100! I think this is a great success, especially since we threw it together in about a week’s time! Thank you again Wendy, and her boss Jay for the wonderful idea and getting this started!

June 22, 2009 – My 24th birthday! Lori – one of Dillon’s volunteers…and now a good friend! – took Josiah, Dillon, Jay and I out to lunch at Cheesecake Factory! YUMMY! She also brought balloons and other stuff with her. Thank you so much Lori! I am so thankful God brought you into our lives, not just because of all the things you do for us – and you do a LOT – but also for your friendship. Our nurse hurt her back and wasn’t able to be at work Monday, but she was back for Tuesday and also brought some very nice gifts for me. Thank you Robin – you are more than just Dillon’s nurse to us! My sweet husby brought home a dozen white roses for me! Thank you so much Honey, I love you!

June 23, 2009 – Dillon had two appointments at CHOP. GI went well – the doctor is fine with not putting Dillon on reflux drugs since we don’t know if he even has it. He doesn’t like that Dillon is throwing up some – but feels it is not often enough to consider the MAJOR surgery to fix his nissen. Audiology was an very good visit. We learned that Dillon’s left ear tube is functioning properly, but his right tube is not. It is either clogged or working its way out. She tested Dillon’s hearing anyways. During the test I had to hold Dillon so his breathing was as quiet as possible so as not to interfere with the test. The test sends tones in at different frequencies and measures the energy put off by the hairs in the ears to know if he is hearing or not. During the left ear, Dillon was cooing for the majority of the test, then he stopped and was quiet for the rest. She told me the test showed he was hearing 3 of the 4 tones, and it was the last one that he was not hearing. So I am pretty sure he was cooing when he was hearing!!!! Then on the right ear (with the tube not working right) he was quiet during most of the test and only cooed at the end. This test showed he did not hear the first three tones but that he did hear the last one. Dillon has never responded during a hearing test like this before!!!! This is a huge blessing! Of course, he is still not always responding to sounds, but if he did it once he can do it again! So please keep praying for his hearing!

June 24, 2009 – Two more appointments at CHOP. Seating clinic where they are going to start trying to get my insurance to pay for a stander, a chair, and a bath chair for Dillon since I have failed at getting them to do so. We’ll see…. He also had urology appointment. GRRR! Over two years ago I asked a couple doctors if the two bulges in Dillon’s lower stomach when he coughs were hernias. I was pretty much laughed off. I was told no. Even when I suggested that his nonstop coughing may be the cause. Well guess what? Dillon has two hernias that need to be stitched closed. He also needs some other urology surgery, but the doctor assured me he is not in pain and there is no rush for this surgery. So they are going to talk with ENT and try to schedule this surgery at the same time as Dillon’s next ear tubes/tonsil removal surgery. (Have I told you his tonsils were taken out right before he turned one and it grew back already? It is taking up half his throat again. And he doesn’t have any room to spare!)

And that bring us to today. Tomorrow is June 29, 2009 – JayDonn’s SECOND birthday! Happy Birthday my little man! JayDonn is almost fully potty trained. He doesn’t wear diapers when we go out of the house or anything. He only wears them at night. We have even stopped using them for nap times. He is such an amazing little man. He is such a big help to me. A few months ago he had over 100 words, so I can’t imagine how many he has now. He uses sentences, and is so good about saying “thank you Mommy” or “Thank you Robin” He even says “Bless you Mommy” every time I sneeze. JayDonn’s favorite toys are his “emals” (animals). He loves the little animals and ark my parents got him and plays with it every day. In fact he drives us crazy with it every day! :-) I am sure he will be left handed as he is still using his left for everything he does. Every night when I tell him it is bed time he gives Daddy, Dillon and Mommy hugs and kisses then we go upstairs and he reminds me “teeth!” Then we go upstairs and he tells me “diaper” and then “pray”. We kneel by his bed and pray and he says “amen!” then he give me “hug and kiss” and goes to sleep. In the morning, if I don’t have the gate across his room, he will come down from his third floor bedroom and say “Hello Mommy! Robin!” If JayDonn doesn’t want to do what I tell him I will say “Obey Mommy.” Then he will repeat it and then *usually* do what ever it was I asked him to do. Sometimes he sings “Obey Mommy! Obey Mommy!” for no reason….other than I think he hears it a lot! :-) Here is a video of Jay saying his Bible verse Click Here

JayDonn – you are a precious little boy. You bring so much joy into my life. I love you so much. I thank the Lord everyday for giving you to me. I can’t wait to watch you grow up into a wonderful man! Keep your sweet heart for your brother and others.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Auction is CLOSED!

Thank you to everyone who donated, bid, helped, etc. The auction is now closed! This was a great auction - we couldn't have done it without you! We still are raising money as we are not at our goal yet - but this does help bring us closer!

We are thinking we may still sell some things on ebay if donations are made. But this auction is over. Thank you so much!


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Dillon's Online Auction!

Online Auction Had Now Opened! Feel Free to Place Your Bids!

Reason: The proceeds of the auction will all go towards Dillon’s stem cell treatments in China
Dates: The Auction will run from Wednesday June 17 at 9AM (EST) until Wednesday June 24th at 12 midnight.

Acknowledgements: This fund raiser was the idea of Mr. Jay Kauffman of Upper Perks Physical Therapy and my friend Wendy Burpee. They have generously given of their time and energy to help Dillon. Mr. Kauffman is also the donor for our biggest ticket item – a week in a ski resort in Utah! Thank you for all you help Mr. Kauffman and Wendy.
I also want to thank the many people who have been so active in gathering the donations, my Mom, Valerie Schnarr, as well as my good friend Lori DeGregorio. Thank you to everyone else who has donated, helped spread the word, and prayed! Thank you for making this possible for Dillon!

Rules: Each item has a retail value to help you in your bidding. In order to bid on an item, please email Wendy at Please include the item number you are bidding on, your bid amount, as well as your full name, address, and phone number. In the evening of each day – Wendy will update me who is winning and I will post the winners first name and last initial as well as the winning bid amount. No bids will be accepted after 12 midnight on June 24th. If there are two bids for the same amount, the bid placed first will be accepted. We will mail your item with 2 business days after received payment. Payments can be made on ChipIn on the blog using PayPal – but please include your item number in the note section. Checks can be made payable to Dillon Kuenzi and sent to Dillon Kuenzi PO Box 1366 Pottstown PA 19464. Please make payments within 5 business days after the auction is over. All sales are final no refunds or exchanges.

Items to Bid on:

1. 1 Full Week in a Luxury Vacation Ski-In Ski-Out Condo in Park City Utah Ski Resort! 3000 The Canyons Resort Drive, Park City Utah Unit 3501 Please click here for more info. For questions, please contact Mr. Jay Kauffman at 215.679.0105.

This is located in the brand new Westgate Resort and Spa at the Canyons in Park City Utah. Choose from June 18- Labor Day, except July 4th weekend, and the month of March! If you choose to go in the summer, enjoy these summer activies including but not limited to hiking, biking, fishing, golfing, swimming, tennis and most of all relaxing.

In Room Conveniences: Fully equipped kitchen, Washer/dryer, Humidifier, Ironing board and iron, Steam Shower and Jacuzzi tub, Two flat screen TV's, wireless network access in common areas.

Key Amenities: The Marketplace, Pizza Hut Express, Westgate Grill, Papillon the Spa, Bicycle Rentals, Fitness Center, Arcade, Pool Tables, Playground, Tennis Court, Basketball Court, Parking Garage.

Condo Sleeps 4: Master bedroom with King-sized bed, couch is a hide-a-bed, Dining room bench is a bunkett, extra blankets and linens.

Donated by: Mr. Jay Kauffman
Value: up to $478 per night depending on the season


Thank you!

2. Contemporary Hand Blown Studio Glass using a traditional Italian technique – Gray with red cane work.

Donated by: Daniel F. Alters, CUSTOM GLASS BLOWING, email info:
Value: $450.00


3. Digital Photo Key Chain - my life digital photo keychain, never been used holds up to 62 color photos, downloads from pc vista compatible with software, automatically resizes picture to fit in screen, rechargeable batteries for two hours of viewing, connects to computer via USB cable (included), website

Donated by: Valerie Schnarr
Value: $25.00
Previous Bids:

$5.00 By: Daniel S.

$15.00 By Samantha D

$25.00 By Daniel S


4. Earrings - Hand made black stone and copper earrings.

Donated by: Valerie Schnarr and ELANEET, email is, 216.551. 6595, PO Box 670235, Northfield, OH 44067.
Value: $22.50

Previous Bids:

$5.00 By Daniel S
$10.00 By Amanda K

$15.00 By Daniel S

Current Winning Bid: $20.00 By Amanda K

5. Bracelet - Cultured Pearl bracelet with small angel charm from Things Remembered. Not ingravable.

Donated by: Things Remembered
Value: $40.00

Previous Bids:

$10.00 By: Molly W.

$15.00 By: Daniel S.

$20.00 By: Amanda K

$25.00 By Daniel S
Current Winning Bid: $30.00 By Amanda K

6. Necklace - One of a kind beaded necklace by a artist in Florida
Just wanted to let everyone know - Mona's necklaces are beautiful so you don't want to miss this. Mona was unable to send me a picture so she is mailing me the necklace. I will post it on ebay once I get it...I will let you all know on my blog when that is so you can check it out - they are wonderful necklaces so don't forget to check it out!
Donated by: Mona

Value: $80.00

Current Winning Bid: $15.00 By: Kate C

7. Golf Putter - 35 inch wilson prostaff putter with cover (Value:$40.00), 3 Nike golf balls (value:$15), and a box of titleist golf balls 4 sleeves of three for a total of 12 (value: $28)

Donated by: Joe Schnoener
Value: $83.00
Previous Bids

$25.00 By Ronnie D.
Current Winning Bid: $35.00 By: Kitty H

8. Applebee's Gift Card - Enjoy a night out to dinner at your local Applebee's.

Value: $25.00

Previous Bids:

$5.00 By Daniel S

$10.00 By: Jonathan A.

$25.00 By: Wenche and Gorm G

$30.00 By Jonathan A
Current Winning Bid: $40.00 By: Wenche and Gorm G

9. Advanced Auto Parts Gift Card - A great gift for the man in your life!

Value: $25.00
Previous Bids:

$5.00 By: Daniel S.

$15.00 By: Ronnie D.
$20.00 By Daniel S

CURRENT WINNING BID: $25.00 By Ronnie D.

10. Arby's Gift Card - Start the summer off right by rewarding your kids with a night at Arby's!

Value: $25.00

Previous Bids:

$5.00 By Daniel S.

$10.00 By: Jonathan A

$25.00 By: Wenche and Gorm G

$30.00 By Jonathan A
Current Winning Bid: $40.00 by Wenche and Gorm G

11. Giant Gift Card - Next time you go grocery shopping at Giant, you will know that you have helped Dillon reach his goal for China!

Value: $25.00

Current Winning Bid: $35.00 By: Judi M.

12. Learning Express Gift Card - Encourage your child's inquisitive mind by this gift card for the perfect toy!

Value: $100.00 Donated by: Donna Flick King of Prussia (Court)
Previous Bids:

$15.00 By: Molly W.

$35.00 By: Janelle G.

$40.00 by Daniel S

$50.00 by Janelle G.

Current Winning Bid: $70.00 by Virginia H.

13. The Pizza Stop Gift Card - Collegeville PA. $20.00 Pizza Stop includes more than just pizza! Check out their menu!

Current Winning Bid: $15.00 By:Sam D.

14. Sunoco Gift Card - $25.00 Who doesn't need gas?! Next time you fill up you will know you helped Dillon go to China! Use it for your purchases at over 4800 Sunoco stations... Quality Sunoco Fuel, Automotive Parts and Services, Convenience Store Purchases, The perfect Gift!

Previous Bids:

$5.00 by Daniel S.

$10.00 By: Jonathan A.

$15.00 By: Samantha D

Current Winning Bid: $25.00 By: Jonathan A.

15. Royersford Area Party Package - Next you are hosting a party, this package will be a great addition to your entertainment needs. Includes one Big Bite Party Tray from Pretzel Depot and one dozen assorted Partylite tealights candles.

Donated by: Candle donated by Andrea (602) 339-1823
Value: $45.00

Previous Bids: Molly W. $10.00
$20.00 By Lori D

16. Royersford Area Party Package -Next you are hosting a party, this package will be a great addition to your entertainment needs. Includes one Big Bite Party Tray from Pretzel Depot and one dozen assorted Partylite tealights candles.

Donated by: Candle donated by Andrea (602) 339-1823
Value: $45.00

Current Winning Bid: $75.00 By: Sharon S.

17. Pennsburg Area Gift Card Package – $5.00 to Gardners Chocolates, Greenville Cleaners (Dry Cleaners) $30.00, 2 Free 5oz Ice Cream Cone at Dairy Queen
Value: $40.00

Current Winning Bid: $20.00 By: Wendy B

18. Pennsburg Area 1 hour massage Package - Upper Perk Physical Therapy 1 hour massage, Upper Perks Physical Therapy Workout Basket which includes a workout ball, t-shirt from UPPT energy bar and some other miscellaneous items.

Value: $100.00
$15.00 By:Janelle G.

$20.00 by Daniel S

$30.00 By: Janelle G.

$40.00 By Daniel S

Current Winning Bid: $50.00 By Janelle G

19. Limerick Area Gift Card Package – 4 free mini golf games at Waltz Golf Farm on Ridge Pike, $25.00 to Sonic.

Value: $50.00

Previous Bids:

$10.00 By Ronnie D

$20.00 by Molly W

CURRENT WINNING BID: $25.00 By: Ronnie D.

20. Limerick Area Gift Card Package – 2 free Chip and Putt games at Waltz Golf Farm on Ridge Pike, 5 free Sundays at Dairy Queen in Trappe, $10.00 to McDonald's.

Value: $45.00
Previous Bids:
$40.00 By Wendy K
Current Winning Bid: $75.00 By: Sharon S

21. Pottstown Area Gift Card Package - 2 Large one topping pizzas at Papa John's, 4 free 5oz ice cream cones at Dairy Queen, $10.00 to Philly Pretzel Factory

Value: $45.00

Previous Bids: $25.00 By Ali D.

$30.00 Janelle G
Current Winning Bid: $45.00 By: Ali D.

22. Macungie Area Gift Card Package Total - $50.00 to Bear Creek Ski Resort and then stop by Subway, only five miles away, with a $25.00 gift card!

Value $75.00

$25.00 By:Wendy B.

$35.00 By Ronnie D.

$37.00 By Wendy B.

$40.00 Lori D


23. Collegeville Area Gift Card Package – 2 – one hour facials with SkinCare by Robin. What better way to relax after a long week of work, or now that the kids are home from school.

Donated by : Robin Schiendelman 610-792-5368 for appointments.
Value: $70.00

Previous Bids :

$50 By: Lori D

$55 By: Roberta S

Current Winning Bid: $65.00 By: Wendy K

24. Collegeville Area Gift Card Package – 3 – one hour facials with Skin Care by Robin. The only thing better than two facials, is three! Great gift for Mothers!

Donated by: Robin Schiendelman 610-792-5368 for appointments.
Value $105.00
Previous Bids:

%50.00 By: Samantha D
$55.00 By: Roberta S

$60.00 Kate C
Current Winning Bid: $100.00 By: Roberta S

25. Clarksburg West Virgina Area Gift Card Package - Surprise the woman you love with this amazing package! One night at Holiday Inn, One Cultured Pearl bracelet with small angel charm from Things Remembered (not ingravable), six coupons for Panera Bread (choose two of the following: bowl from soup, half sandwich, or half salad for free.), 5" by 7" vanilla pillar candle from Partylite. Candle is the middle size in the picture below.

Donated by: Candle donated by Andrea (602) 339-1823
Value: $175.00
Previous Bids:

$25.00 By: Theresa H.

$50.00 By Mark K

Current Winning Bid: $60.00 By Daniel S

26. Rita's Water Ice Gift Card - Rita's Water Ice gift card for $25.00 is a great gift for summer time. It is good for Phoenixville, Collegeville, Coventry, and Royersford locations!
Value $25.00

$10.00 By Wendy W
Current Winning Bid: $15.00 By: Joan M

27. Full Body Massage - Gift Certificate for one hour full body massage in your own home. The massage Therapist asks that this gift go to someone within 30 minutes driving area of Pottstown.
Donated by: Certified Massage Therapist Leah Hunsberger
Value: $45.00

Previous Bids:
$15.00 By: Janelle G
$45.00 By: Wendy K.

$50.00 By: Janelle G.

$60.00 By: Wendy K

$61.00 by Janelle G.
Current Winning Bid: $65.00 by Wendy K.

28. Lord's and Ladies Gift Certificate - This $25.00 gift card is the perfect gift to pamper someone. Lord's and Ladies is a Salon and Medical Spa. It can be used on any product or service. Don't delay - bid today! :-)

Value: $25.00

Previouos Bids:

$25.00 By Janelle G

$30.00 By Lexi F.

$32.00 Joan M

Current High Bid: $55.00 By: Lexi F.

Just Added! Sorry for any inconvience but this card was just sent to us in the mail and we wanted to get it on before the auction closes!

29. Staples - A gift card for $25.00 to any Staples store!

Value: $25.00

$15.00 By: Lori D

$20.00 by: Daniel S



Thursday, June 11, 2009

Online Auction for Dillon's Stem Cells!

I wanted to let everyone know that starting Wedensday June 17 at 9am until Wednesday June 24th at 12 midnight we will be having an online auction for Dillon's Stem Cells. A friend from church, Wendy, came to me about this idea. Her boss donated a week in Park City Utah at a ski resort. We also have a donation from another one of her friends in the form of a necklace she made. We have gift cards to different resturants, stores, facials, ice cream, etc.

I will get the details of all the items for the auction as well as the way it will work. But first...I wanted to let everyone know so anyone who is willing to help can. If you work someplace, go out to eat, go shopping, anything like that would you please ask them if they would donate a gift certificate towards this. You can give them:
my blog address (
my email address (
Dillon's story (you may want to print it if you don't have a copy - )
my phone number (if you don't have it and want it please email me)
my PO BOX (Dillon Kuenzi PO Box 1366 Pottstown Pa 19464)
Or if you would like to try to help email me at and I will send you a letter I wrote on Dillon's letterhead.

Any gift certificates, or small products like Mary Kay, Arbonne, etc would also be a great addition to our auction. If you are unable to help in this way - would you please plan to spread the word. The auction will be done on my blog - so you can just tell people to stop by my blog starting Wed for the auction to help with Dillon's trip to China. Thank you so much!!

PS Did you notice that we are now up to $20,752.70! We need about 31,000 - we are getting so close! Thank you for all your hard work, prayers, and donations!