Friday, September 21, 2012

Haddie playing piano

Haddie loves to play the piano now that she is just tall enough to reach it...

Here are two videos of her playing too:

This one is with her standing and reaching for the keys

This one is sitting down playing

Hadassah's First Birthday!!

Happy 1st Birthday my Precious Girly Girl!
Sunday the 9th (I am just late on blogging)
Hard to bleieve this was a whole year ago! I was so thrilled when I saw God gave me a beautiful little girl! Thank you Lord, it has been a wonderful, crazy year with my girl!
Happy Birthday Princess!
Haddie's Great Grandma was able to be with us for her birthday. This is the Grandma Haddie is named after. Her middle name "Love" is also Grandma's middle name.
 Hadassah's birthday Party! (Don't know why Blogger likes to flip my pictures)
Her cupcakes that I made. Jay wanted me to do a 3-D crown cake but this was much more in my abilities! ;o)
Dassah and her birthday candle! (her eyes are puffy because she had pink eye that the kids came down with 2 days after being at CHOP for Dillon's procedure)
Mommy and her girl! I love you Hadassah - so much!
The birthday party! Only Haddie was looking back at everyone...
Enjoying her birthday cupcake! I had to shove her fingers in the icing then shove them in her mouth for her first bite, then she had no problem with it. She actually didn't get too messy. She ate all the icing first then I had to show her that the cake was something to eat as well. :o)
Starting to get her sugar high by this point...
Yummy! Starwberry cake with homemade icing.
Definatley on a sugar high! She has never had any where near this much sugar before.
Haddie and her Great Grandma. We had such a good time with you GramMa! We love you, thank you for taking the time to come see us!

We had cupcakes after church that night too because Haddie shares a birthday with Mrs. Manney, the Pastor's wife.

She LOVES playing with her Daddy!

This is such a sweet picture! I just love seeing the two of them together!
It was a nice first birthday. I want to take her for pictures but was waiting until her eyes cleared up completely.
Haddie girl, You are an amazing daughter. You have your guardian angels working over time! You have an incredible pain tolerance and an adventurous spirit (bad combination!). You have the most beautiful smile and a quiet little laugh. You make the funniest faces and are so laid back and easy going. You are a peanut, at not even 15 pounds you are nowhere near the bottom of the weight charts! But your personality is way above the chart! I have started telling people that little girls are not made of sugar and spice and everything nice, they are naughty and mischievous! You are more spice than sugar most of the time, but sometimes you can be so sweet! You are starting to learn to hug and burp your babies, but then you just toss them aside to go play trucks and cars! I thank the Lord for giving our family a sweet little girl. You completed our family and are the princess in our family. Your brothers adore you and you them.
Happy birthday my sweet Hadassah Love!

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Not refluxing!

The GI doc called to tell me that the biopsy results came in and, since I didn't let them put him on reflux drugs like he wanted, he can say Dillon is not refluxing! Praise the Lord! His tissue is not inflamed at all so they know he isn't refluxing. If he were on drugs they wouldn't know if it was due to the drugs or if he really isn't but sine he was drug free they know for sure.