Thursday, February 26, 2009

From the ER...

Last night Dillon's nurse called off and he spiked a fever with heart rate around 240. We got the fever down with medicine and took him to the doctor today. She sent us right up to CHOP's ER. We have been here since 6pm. Dillon will be going home very soon though. Everything came back fine (chest X-Ray, blood tests, etc.) We are still waiting on a blood culture and urine culture but they feel we can go home. The doctor was also concerned b/c when she touched his lower right stomach area he moaned. This is the area of the apendix (sp?) so she wanted to be sure there was nothing going on with that. The belly X-ray and CBC (blood work) did not show anything.

We still don't know why Dillon' s has been having fevers for 9 days even though he has been on antibiotics for 7 days, but maybe it is just a virus. We have to see our doctor in Paoli tomorrow.

Gotta go they are letting him go now at 12:45am

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Dillon is Sick Again...

Friday evening I started to feel sick - a lot of sinus stuff. Saturday Dillon started to come down with it. He had a ton of extra secretions. On Sunday he threw up. On Monday he threw up twice and after the first time he coughed for about 15 minutes straight. This is our sign - he aspirated. (Food went into his lungs) Last night he had fevers over 99 which is very high for him who is normally in the 96's. He was breathing heavy last night and was just clearly miserable. Today we took him to the doctor. He has pneumonia in his middle right lobe and and an ear infection in the left ear. He is back on antibiotics. However, every time he goes on the antibiotic he gets a horrible yeast rash. Last time it was raw, bleeding, very painful, and left his skin discolored for about 3 months. The doctor also gave us a higher strength anti-yeast cream this time.

Please be praying for him. He is so tired he isn't moving at all. He is only whimpering a little. The poor little guy. My hear breaks for him. He goes through this about 3 times a year. He can't handle the throw up so where you and I would normally be a little sick he ends up REALLY sick! I had NO idea he had an ear infection - we probably wouldn't have known till it started to bleed because he has NO way for showing me. My heart breaks for everything Dillon can't do. But he is in God's hands and God directs us for him. He let us know Dillon needed to see the doctor. Praise the Lord for that!

After the first doctor appointment we had to go to Philly for a neuro check up. He hasn't lost weight but he hasn't gained since September so they are going to increase his food a little. All his blood work came back good. They are pleased over all with how he is doing they don't even need to see him again for a whole year!! :-)

Thank you for praying for Dillon. While you are praying for him- I have a friend who has a 1 year old girl who is in the hospital with pneumonia as well - hers is from RSV though. Please pray for them too!! I know they would appreciate it.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Tuesday Time Together

Last night after Daddy came home from work we had a great time together. JayDonn was wrestling with Daddy on the floor and laughing so hard. Then we put Dillon on Daddy and he enjoyed laying on Daddy's chest. He fell right a lseep on the steady rhythm on Daddy breathing in and out. Then we did a little cleaning.

Daddy and Jay cleaning the stove

JayDonn helping Daddy wash dishes

Dillon and Mommy vaccuuming the carpet
Not the best picture of me, but at least you can see Dillon good. He seemed to enjoy walking around with me like this!
A little later Dillon and JayDonn were playing together on the sofa.They are so sweet together....

More together time....

And no - Jay is not always so sweet. Here I am asking him to kiss Dillon....