Thursday, March 10, 2011

New due date

This baby is doing well, I am finally not sick every single night! I am getting some energy back! yippee! They did move the due date from Sept 12 to Sept 10, not a big change but still. I reminded the doctor that I have fast labors and she said it is noted in my chart already! :o) They didn't seem to take me too serious when I warned them with Truett but when I only arrived 20 minutes before his birth I think they understand I wasn't joking! heehee

Dillon has been doing great. He is not on oxygen during the day and some nights he doesn't even need it now. Instead of my giant oxygen tank being filled every single week we are getting it filled every 3+ weeks! Thank you to everyone who prays for him, God has been helping him every single day. We are working on finding a place to take Dillon to get him fitted for contacts instead of glasses since it is impossible to keep glasses on him.

Nothing else has changed really... Have a good weekend everyone!