Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Talking Donkey

What will it take for God to get my attention? Does God have to do something drastic like opening the mouth of a donkey so it can speak and tell me I am disobeying God? I love the story of Balaam! I would like to share with you some of the thoughts I had as reading this wonderful account in the Bible over the last few days.

First, it amazes me how God spoke - out loud - to Balaam and told him not to curse God's people but he still decided to go and do it. I think, how could he be so dumb to ignore God! I would never ignore God if He spoke directly to me! But wait - God has spoken to us in writing where we can read it over and over again to be sure we don't forget it and we still disobey!

The next part of the account that amazes me is how God opens the mouth of the donkey and she speaks to Balaam and he doesn't fall over having a heart attack! I think I would have run away screaming! I mean imagine being in your house and all of a sudden your cat or your dog TALKS to you and tells you there is an angel waiting to kill you if you..... fill in the blank of whatever sin. But Balaam just acts like it is an everyday event to have the donkey TALK to him! As I read this I thought about it from Balaam's view point. He didn't know there was an angel standing there with a sword ready to kill him so he was getting angry that the donkey wasn't obeying, that things weren't going the way he wanted. I'm sure he was upset about the delay in getting to his destination.

How many times do things not go the way we planned? How often are plans changed, decisions are made out of our control, maybe someone or something blocks us from doing what we wanted? How often are those detours God intervening in our lives? Maybe it is for our safety and protection, like Balaam's, or maybe it is to cross our path with someone God needs us to witness to or encourage? I am thinking about a few weeks ago. I had my plan of events mapped out where I was going to go on my way to Dillon's doctor. Then my husband called and said he needed me to take him to get his motorcycle from the shop. I was annoyed because it meant I had to change all my plans for where I was going, when I was leaving, etc. But it had to be done so we did. Then other events happened and my plans were altered again. Finally, I decided we would run to McDonald's, then go to a different store, then get on the highway at a different place than planned. We planned to go into McDonald's and I saw I forgot my credit card so I was all upset that I didn't have that and wondering where I left it at home. Thankfully I had cash to use. I went into McDonald's more than a little stressed and just wanting to get to CHOP quickly. While in McDonald's I saw the lady behind me in line point to the sign "TTM" (Talk to Me). The people at McD said "Oh, she's mute get her a pen and paper." I turned to her and in my very broken sign language asked if she was deaf. She said yes and I told her I am learning sign and might be able to help her. I was able to understand what she was saying (she must have been hard of hearing not totally deaf). I told her where I go to church and that I am learning sign there. I was so nervous I think I forgot all my signs and mixed everything up! But I was able to go back to the van and get her Dillon's story for her and her friend.

I have been praying to meet someone deaf and invite them to church for over a year! And I finally got to do so! BUT what if I would have dug my feet in and refused to change plans that day? What if I would have had such a bad attitude about my plans changing, would I have missed my opportunity? Do you think God was in charge of my day and allowed me to meet that lady to grow my faith (knowing He answered my prayer), to encourage me (know I can try to talk to the deaf now, even if it isn't perfect), and to be an encouragement to her and invite her to church where she knows we have a love for the deaf people? I do! I think God was in control of every little roadblock that day!

I have more from the life of Balaam I want to share, but I will share more later. I hope this is an encouragement to you to remember next time something goes wrong that maybe God is working in our life in a way we can't see just yet. Have faith! Look to God for what he wants to show us and wants us to do when something goes wrong instead of getting angry and acting in selfishness.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Haddie's 6 month

Haddie had her 6 month appointment this week... she is 24.38 inches which is the 7% and she is 12lb 10.65oz which is the FIRST percentile. That means 99% of babies at 6 months are bigger than her! That's my girl!

BUT when the doctor saw her scooting on her tummy across the exam bed to get something he said she is way beyond where she is supposed to be developmentally. Someone on my facebook said she is tiny but mighty! I like that!

Monday night we also took her to get her ears pierced. She looks adorable. I will post pictures soon. I think they literally used a sharpie and so the purple mark is still there! I am waiting till the purple goes away to get pictures. We got her blue sapphire, her birthstone, butterflies. It is adorable. it was so sad to see her cry during it.

Hint for other Moms: I had Josiah hold her but I should have held her so he had to see that sad face instead of me!! LOL

Josiah said it is good we only have one girl b/c he couldn't do that again! But this is coming from the man who was never with me for any of Jay's immunizations and didn't have to listen to him cry over that either! I am glad it is done so she will not remember the pain and she looks so pretty. Such a little lady. I'm excited to see my little lady as she grows and matures into a young lady (not that I'm rushing or anything, just thinking of how awesome it will be to have a daughter to raise for the Lord!)

Sunday, March 18, 2012

ER visit

Well we had a trip to the ER today - but it wasn't for Dillon! That's a first!

This time it was for Jay. After church he was running around with his friends and fell into the corner of a pew. I didn't see it happen but I heard him crying and running at me. I saw a little blood below his hands and didn't think it was too bad but by the time I moved a few feet with him in my arms blood was dripping everywhere. I quick grabbed one of Dillon's washcloths and put pressure on it. A moment or two later Josiah and I looked at it and knew he had to go to the ER for stitches. It was about an inch long and open pretty wide. He calmed down pretty quick when I explained to him that crying would make his blood pump more and make it bleed more. We put a gauze on it and started to go to the ER.

And for those of you who know me... yes I almost passed out. I had to sit with my head almost on the ground while Josiah took Jay to the van and brought me back my juice. I had to sit 4 times on the way to the van to keep from passing out too. Why does my body react to trauma like that??? Is there anyway to get over it and not pass out??

Anyways, Jay was great, he was calm and talking to us the whole way there. Thankfully they were able to glue it shut rather than stitch it. The nurse warned him that it would sting but he said it didn't. He was so brave! I am so proud of how well he handled it! He didn't carry on crying and screaming, he stopped within a few minutes of it and was perfectly calm the whole time!

In a week we can start putting vitamin E oil on it to help reduce the scar and were told to put sun screen on it good for the next two years!

Saturday, March 03, 2012

Day of Pampering

Last Saturday I went with two friends from church to "A Day of Pampering" which is an event that was started by Joni and Friends and hosted by different churches. It is a day for Moms or Wives who are caregivers to a family member with disabilities.


We started with some fruit to eat while we registered then went in for some songs. They had an "interview" time with 3 ladies who were at different stages of dealing with the disabilities. It was interesting to hear the different views. I can see how I used to be more like the one lady, but now 5 years into I have progressed some and was like the second lady, I think. Then we had the "Blessing of the Hands" this was a time where they read a poem - a great poem that I will have to type up later when I have time.

Then we went in for a lunch and then the fun began. There were haircuts, manis, pedis, massages, etc. All for free, you just go and wait in line or sign up and you can get anything you want done. It was such a great time of relaxation!

For those around here that may be interested in it there are two churches that do it:
Mannor Church (where I went)
Calvary Church

If you are interested make sure you find out when to register and register THAT day. Mannor church said within 24 hours of opening registration they were full and had a waiting list. They started about 7 years ago with only 20 ladies and now are able to take 152.

So I'm a little behind....

What's new? I always seem to be saying I'm behind! With four kids... what can I say?

Anyways, my sister and her family came for a visit. This was the first time the 7 cousins really had time to play together and the first time my sister and I had time together in about 8 years! We were so thankful to get the time to chat.

Truett (21 months) and M (22 months)

5 of the cousins

Aunty Hannah gave her this shirt, but she wore it the night they came.

We went to DC with them. This is the A family at the memorial at the Pentagon

S (3 years old)

I LOVE this picture of them!

Our family over looking teh Washington Memorial and the Capitol.
The kids had a blast together! I am so glad they had the time to make memories...

From right to left: H (5 months) J (4 yr) T (21 months) JD (4 yr) S (3 yr) M (22 months) D (5yr)

So yes those ages again are 5, 4, 4, 3, 22 months, 21 months, and 5 months - you can IMAGINE our trip in DC.... :o)