Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Mommy and Me activity?

At first I thought Dillon wanted a weekly Mommy and Me activity since for three weeks in a row, once a week we have had a trip to either the ER or the hospital. Then I got thinking - I am with Dillon 24/7 so in truth Dillon is getting bored with me and enjoys the friend that I bring with me whenever we have to go!

After the first week of the G tube falling out, next came getting sick. Dillon's temperature kept getting up to 101.9 so the doctor's office said to take him in. After an X-ray they decided it is just a cold give him Tylenol. Great - except even with the Tylenol two days later it got to 103.0 so in to the doctor we went. He put Dillon on an antibiotic to clear anything in his lungs up. Ok, so then after that Dillon did this thing three times in two days where the milk would pour out of his mouth. He should not be able to have anything up from his stomach. This leads us to yesterday, our trip to St. Christopher's. I watched as they did the upper GI on him and it was amazing. At 90ml, or three ounces, (Dillon should be getting 120ml at a time) I saw it go flying up his throat choking him. He then coughed it out for the next hour or so. I thought for sure this meant surgery, but PRAISE THE LORD no surgery! We just have to change Dillon eating a little. He will get much smaller meals during the day and be on a kangaroo pump at night. This will feed him 45ml every hour for 9 hours. I adjusted this schedule from what she had told me, but it doesn't matter as long as he gets all his food in during the day and can handle it. Today - Dillon did wonderful for the PT. He was on his tummy on the floor and lifting his head for her. Deb said she does see this in kids, if they have reflux they don’t like lifting their head because it puts too much pressure on their belly. Maybe this is why Dillon did better today - his tummy wasn't hurting him.

FRIDAY IS THE BIG DAY! I am looking forward to getting his hearing aids! I found an herb treatment that may help his ears though; I will include this later on if I decide for sure to do it.