Sunday, November 11, 2007

Please respond!

I am going to make my blog private so only people I approve of can read it. If you read my blog and would like to continue to be able to read it - please email me your name. I will then add your email to the list of approved people. Please email me at this address only:

(Oh by the way - Dillon got his third tooth this week. His top right one is in!!)

Friday, November 09, 2007

Catching Up

I haven't been very good at keeping up with my blog. I'll try to remember the important things going on in our life:

--> Thank you to my Mom-in-law for organizing help for us during church services. They came up to visit last weekend while we trained ladies in Dillon's care. It was Hannah's birthday on Saturday - so Happy Birthday again Aunty Hannah!

--> Thank you to all the ladies at church who are willing to learn and help us in such a huge way! I know some of the ladies are scared, but Dillon really isn't all that scary! lol I understand people being afraid, but it isn't so bad. Josiah and I have been to the point of saying "why even go to Church?" since we are out with the boys all the time and never even sit in the service but rather in the foyer so we can care for Dillon. You ladies may not even know how much of a blessing you are being by helping!!!

--> Dillon is on the highest does of Topamax, starting today, that the doctor wants him to go on. He is still having seizures and is very very limp and dazed from it. The doctor wants to know on Tuesday if Dillon doesn't start to get more energy and/or if he is still having the seizures.

--> We are scheduled for the out-patient appointment on Nov 30 for the diet. We will then schedule the admission and pray this diet will work and we can get him off of seizure medicines!

--> Dillon and JayDonn went to the doctor yesterday. It was supposed to be a well visit, but Dillon still had junky stuff in his eyes even though I had been putting medicine in them. The doctor gave me a new medicine and his eyes look much better today. Josiah and I have been sick all week as well. Dillon is 21lb 2oz and JayDonn is 13lb 14oz.

--> Sunday night our nurse called in that she would be 30 minutes late, she was 70 minutes late. Monday the nurse was 45 minutes late because the office never told her that Dillon's hours now start at 10. Wednesday the nurse no-called no-showed (I think there was another miscommunication between the nurses and the office!). Thursday our nurse called in sick and they couldn't find a replacement. And now Friday the other nurse called in sick and we don't have a replacement! What a week. Dillon has been doing okay at night for me, we are getting about 4 hours of sleep until he starts to need help. But since we are both sick 4 hours isn't a lot.

--> Josiah and I have signed up for the classes taught by the author of the book I told you about "What to do about your brain injured child". The classes are December 3-7. Please pray for this. I really feel like if God is going to allow anything to work this will be it. They have huge success rates with brain injured kids, but they also have some that they just can't help. I told Josiah - if this doesn't work I am giving up. By this I mean, I will come to the point of saying God doesn't want Dillon to change. He wants to use him as he is. I will stop actively pursing therapies for him. I will learn to just have fun with Dillon without trying to change him and "fix" him. It will take six months of really hard work on my part to give this a honest chance, but if at the end of six months, if we don't see a change I don't think it will come. Please pray that God might use Josiah and I in Dillon's life, working constantly with him, to help him. And pray - that if it isn't His will for Dillon to improve, that He will give me the strength to accept this and be content with the wonderful child Dillon is.

Video of Josiah feeding JayDonn his first cereal last night: Jay's Cereal
Video of JayDonn cooing: Jay's Coos