Wednesday, December 31, 2008


This video is not for the weak stomachs! Nah - it isn't that bad. It is just JayDonn being funny and suctioning his own nose and mouth. It is kind of gross but he thought it was funny. yes - we did make sure the tube was clean before letting him play. :-) Can also be seen here on youtube

The video below is Dillon. He is AMAZING! He was holding his head up for so long. The first time he held it up for about a minute and a half, then he fell. I let him rest for a few seconds then got him back up and he held it for another minute. Then after a minute rest he held it again for a good two and a half minutes! All on his own! I didn't touch him at all! Have I said how AMAZING he is?!?! Just in case - Dillon you are a remarkable little man! Keep up the good work! Can also be seen here on Youtube.

I will try to get more Christmas pics up later - I just HAD to get these up right away though!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas Vacation Pictures

Hello from the cold state of OHIO! Here are a few pictures from our trip so far....

This is a good friend of my Mom's.. Jen and her son Jerold they came to see us today (Tuesday) and help pattern Dillon. I will put more pictures on of her helping later.
JayDonn eating some colored fishes "Rudolph" gave him. I'll explain Rudolph late in this post

My cousin N playing with JayDonn

This is the little girl I used to babysit, only she isn't so little anymore. Serena was the flowergirl in my wedding. We were able to spend most of Monday with her. I am so glad I got to see her again...I only saw her for a little bit at my wedding and only for about 5 minutes since then. Thanks for spending the day with us Serena!

JayDonn playing with Rudolph - isn't that an adorable smile?!

Rudolph is a family tradition that my grandparents started. Instead of stockings on Christmas morning, Rudolph siting int he living room for most of December and every once in a while there would be a little - stocking stuffer type - present in it.

JayDonn and Grandma S

Grandpa S and JayDonn playing with toys that Grandpa's employeer bought for the boys. We weren't able to attend their Christmas party the day we arrived in OH but were thankful for the offer.

Hope everyone is having a good time as this Christ-mas time is coming closer. Don't forget to remember what the real meaning about Christmas is, we all need reminded to keep our mind on the Christ on the cross not just the Christ in the manger.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

A lot has happened...

A lot has happened since the last time I updated...

here is my little cowboy playing today.... I think all he needs is a cowboy hat and maybe some stirrups :-)

Tuesday Dillon was doing great during his physical therapy!
These are some of "Tiffany's Treats" pretzels... This year for Christmas I made every one pretzels. I mostly did chocolate with powder sugar. I made over 300 for people and didn't take a picture of it! The one below is white chocolate with coffee on top.

This one is white chocolate with sprinkles....(Yes, I am now taking orders for all occasions.)

Picture of me and my precious little boy...

JayDonn was letting Dillon talk on the phone. Dillon's turn is 1 seconds, JayDonn's turn is 4 minutes. I said he is sweet - I never said he is "fair" :-)

My WONDERFUL Husby turned 26 on Sunday! Happy Birthday my Love! Annette and Rudy had us over for dinner and boy do they make good food! We had a wonderful salad with cranberries and almonds in it, fried chicken breasts, steaks, baked potatoes, bread (which was Jay's favorite) and homemade cheesecake. YUMMMY! Then on Monday a sweet lady watched the boys so I could meet Josiah at work and go out to lunch with him. This is a picture from Chili's where we went. I even had them sing to him! I was trying to decide if I should or not since I know he doesn't like all the attention but I decided...why not?!?! :-) It was so much fun to go out *without* the boys! I love my boys, but it was so nice to not have all the machines, beeping, suctioning, crying, etc.
Josiah, I love you I am so thankful God brought me all the way from OH to PA just to meet and marry you. You are such a wonderful husband and father. You are my best friend, you make me smile when I am down and always help me to look to God when things get discouraging. Thank you for loving me and our boys so much! Happy Birthday!!

Last Thursday Robin went with me to our Ladies Christmas Tea Party after work. We had a fun time. The whole thing was so beautifully done. Thank you ladies who did all the work for that! Here I am in a Thai dress my sister bought me when she was in Thailand.

You can see more of it in this picture

Nursing situation: Wed and Friday of last week our night nurse called off. They told me he called off b/c his daughter is very sick. I asked does that mean he is leaving the country since his daughters are in Zimbabwe? They told me they aren't allowed to ask him. (**HUH?!?!** Not allowed to ask if he is leaving the country?) Well then they decided to call him on Sunday when I asked them to verify he was coming Sunday night and guess what no answer...all day. He has not called back yet. So we didn't have a night nurse all week. Sunday night we tried to sleep and get up when he needed us, but that was so many times we were exhausted. Monday night I stayed up till 4:30AM when Si had to get up to fix a work problem and he took over so I could sleep. I accidentally slept till 11:30! Tuesday night I was up till 5:30AM then Si took over and I slept till 10:30 Wed night I was so tired me sweet sweet husband slept on the living room floor next to Dillon all night so I could finally get some sleep. Isn't he sweet? Tonight and tomorrow night we have nurses then we are going away for Christmas and I have no idea if we will have nurses when we come back. Please pray we do! I can't keep going like this for long.

I will try to update with pictures over the Christmas holiday...but in case I don't have a


Thursday, December 11, 2008

Tonsil Appointment

The doctor said that Dillon's left tonsil did grow back but it isn't too big. They think it is only blocking his air way by 20%, which seems like a lot to me but they don't seem too worried. She did say his Uvula is way too big! They want Dillon to go for a sleep study to see how he compares to the last one in July of 07. If they feel they want to take out the tonsil again they will most likely clip the uvula but that is very very painful surgery.

But at least there is no need to have surgery least not yet.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

My BIG Boys!

Sunday evening I was really down. I don't know why - I just felt discouraged. (Does any one else have those days - or is it just me?!?!)
This week has been an off week. Monday started with drama I didn't want to deal with. Then my helper called off so we couldn't pattern Dillon. Tuesday I had someone bring a puppy over for the day only to find out Dillon's is still allergic even though he is on allergy medicine (never mind it is a lot of work!) It was good to find this out so we will not let him be near family's pets at Christmas time. Oh, we also found out Jay loves to feed a puppy and to eat the puppy's food. Today my helper tried to come for me since we can't tomorrow but it didn't work out for her, my nurse had to leave 3 hours early, and my afternoon helper had to come an hour late. Everything is off! To top it all off - I am 99% sure Dillon's tonsils are grown back. In full force! The left one is taking up his whole throat...AGAIN!!! he has had tubes in his ears...TWICE, he has had his adnoids removed...TWICE, and now may need tonsils out TWICE?!?! We have an ENT appointment tomorrow to find out - so tomorrow will be off too! GRRRR I was never one to live by a schedule but in the last year of doing Dillon's therapy I have grown accustomed to my schedule.

So what are my big boys doing??

Dillon made Mrs Robin cry today with how well he crawled down his ramp! He crawled 8 feet and probably would have done a lot more but we had him on the floor and he couldn't go any where while on the floor. It was the first time she really saw him move that well! Praise the Lord!~ I need these moments! He did it so well again in the evening!

JayDonn slept his first night in a toddler bed last night. I set it up and right away he took his blankets to the bed and thought it was great. He went to bed at night and didn't get out once. I put him down for his nap this afternoon and again he didn't get out once!!! I am so surprised!!! And thankful! We are also working on potty training and he is doing great. Every morning he sits on his potty with a table I made him and eats breakfast and goes on the potty.

Wow they are getting to big and are such an encouragement to me when I am down! Please pray for Dillon's ENT appt tomorrow. If they are tonsils I want them out right away! I don't want him to have to wait for weeks to be schedule for surgery so please pray they will move quickly if that is what needs to be done.

jay waking up for the first time in a big boy bed!