Wednesday, August 01, 2007


I called the feeding team back yesterday to see why they aren't doing something to find out more about Dillon's swallows, they didn't call me back. So I called again today. They said it isn't something they would order because they wouldn't follow-up once we get the results so I can ask Pulm. (lung docs) or his Ped. So I'll do just that!
The vision therapist said she has heard of other parents who didn't like the eye doctor when I told her of our experience. I am putting in writing what happened, at the manager of the departments request, and she will try to schedule me with the chief of ophthalmology so I can inform him. Something needs to be done so this doctor will learn to have some compassion for special needs children and their families.


I like when I get answers and can hopefully change things so other parents don't have to deal with heartless doctors

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