Thursday, June 11, 2009

Online Auction for Dillon's Stem Cells!

I wanted to let everyone know that starting Wedensday June 17 at 9am until Wednesday June 24th at 12 midnight we will be having an online auction for Dillon's Stem Cells. A friend from church, Wendy, came to me about this idea. Her boss donated a week in Park City Utah at a ski resort. We also have a donation from another one of her friends in the form of a necklace she made. We have gift cards to different resturants, stores, facials, ice cream, etc.

I will get the details of all the items for the auction as well as the way it will work. But first...I wanted to let everyone know so anyone who is willing to help can. If you work someplace, go out to eat, go shopping, anything like that would you please ask them if they would donate a gift certificate towards this. You can give them:
my blog address (
my email address (
Dillon's story (you may want to print it if you don't have a copy - )
my phone number (if you don't have it and want it please email me)
my PO BOX (Dillon Kuenzi PO Box 1366 Pottstown Pa 19464)
Or if you would like to try to help email me at and I will send you a letter I wrote on Dillon's letterhead.

Any gift certificates, or small products like Mary Kay, Arbonne, etc would also be a great addition to our auction. If you are unable to help in this way - would you please plan to spread the word. The auction will be done on my blog - so you can just tell people to stop by my blog starting Wed for the auction to help with Dillon's trip to China. Thank you so much!!

PS Did you notice that we are now up to $20,752.70! We need about 31,000 - we are getting so close! Thank you for all your hard work, prayers, and donations!

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Anger Family said...

Happy Third Birthday, Dillon! We love you and are praying for you and your family!

Love, the Angers