Thursday, September 24, 2009


Hi Everyone!

I'm sorry it has been SO long since I last wrote, sorry I left you hanging about our trip! Everything went well. We had some mix-ups with what terminal to go to so that took a lot of time to go to the right one, but we got there. We also had some problems with the Chinese TSA allowing my oxygen batteries through, but someone helped us and all was worked out. The flight home went great! I was so happy to be home with my dear sweet husby!

When I got home my allergies hit me hard! I was taking benadryl every day, nebulizers everyday and was still miserable. Praise the Lord my body did adjust back to the allergies in about 2 weeks and I have been much better. Jay, Dillon and I adjusted to the time change within 3-4 days I think. It helped that we got home around 9pm Saturday and went to Sunday School and church then took a nap and went to night church.

We were able to head to Ohio on Monday to see my grandparents before they moved to another state, so even though it was short visit (we left Tuesday) it was good to see them.

Since then we have been busy with scheduling all the new therapist (they changed when he turned three and we are just getting started with them). We also have been working at getting started with his therapy again and all the normal things in life. :o) Needless to say we have been busy - hence the reason I have not even been on to post. Oh and the fact that I have tried to cut the computer out of my day so I can get more accomplished. I am trying to either turn it off or leave it on but not be on a lot so I will have more time to care for my family and my house. It is great, I really do have more time!

Dillon since China: Dillon's arms, hands, and legs are still more relaxed. He is more vocal and trying to swallow more (I don't know if he IS or if he is just trying....). I found an acupuncturist who will see him once a week for $5.00! So I am excited about getting started with her. Some people have told me he seems more alert and like he is looking more, but I am not sure yet. I need to wait more to know for sure. Josiah, Robin (his nurse) and I all think his seizures have decreased so we are going to start keeping a journal so we will know. If it seems like they have I may ask for an EEG to be sure. We know the last EEG said he was having 30-40 everyday! One day this week Dillon even kicked his way down his inclined floor with great effort! He hasn't done that in a long time! Please keep praying for all these improvements - that they would be even greater and that they would be consistent.

So thank you again to everyone who played a part in our trip to China. God did some amazing things in China! In my life, in the lives of others that we met there, and I believe He is still going to do amazing things in Dillon's life! I will try to keep you updated better than I have been...

Thank you again!!!!
(How do you say thank you enough to the people who gave so generously to help my little boy have such an opportunity?!?!)


valerieschnarr said...


A lot of people love Dillon and your family, if you sit back and calculate how long it took you to raise the $31000.00 in todays economy it real is a miracle, since were so unsure of the future. I am glad i can now tell people of some of the improvements, remember things are just starting we have 6-9 months, Lamentations 3:25
love you Mom S.

No No Nanette said...

so good to hear from you, Tiffany. I am glad that Dillon is doing well and small improvements are being seen. Hopefully the acupuncture continues to help. Have a great weekend!