Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Tomorrow! Tomorrow!

Tomorrow! Tomorrow! You're only a day a away! After 6 LONG weeks - Dillon will be getting his brace off tomorrow Oct 13 at 1pm (ish) He has been stuck in this bed for the last 5 weeks, moving only to his right side. Just yesterday we finally put him on his belly for the first time since the surgery... You can see how hard that was!
He was so happy! His heart rate came down, his oxygen levels were great, he slept so comfortably. He has been on medicine to help with the secretions, but he still loves his belly! Tomorrow, Baby tomorrow! He can have baths again, go on his belly, be HELD, go out with us, start therapy, be moved around. I don't know who is more excited him or me!!!

Truett liked to eat his toe, the one with the red light. He would make a funny face at the taste, but then look at the glowing red light and have to go back for another taste! Truett now rolls all over the floor. You leave him on one side of the room and find him someplace else a few minutes later. He is trying to crawl but can't quite move yet.

Postural drainage. You have to get creative! Actually he would slip down in the brace so his G-Tube was be pushed by the stomach strap, so we would do this to "pull" him back out of the brace a little so the tube was in a better place.

I am so bored with my hair. It is so thin after having babies so I was trying to decide what to do with it. I wanted to dye it to a dark brown with hints of red. Well this is what I got....

It was CHERRY RED. OOPS. Well a friend on facebook explained to me that you can't go from light brown to dark brown without going to red first, so actually I did need to do this. So then I added brown on top of it and then got it cut. So this is what I am now....

Still much more red than I had wanted, but at least I don't look like a cherry anymore...well now I just look like a cherry with chocolate syrup on it! hahaha Oh well at least it is hair and hair grows back and dye will eventually wash out! :o)

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Dan said...

Cherry red?!?!?!

guess you have been staying at the "Ronald McDonald" house to much there Tiff... sort of rubbing off on you!!!!

really liked the red....But Mom says red is just NOT her color