Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Daddy and his boys after church
Mommy and her boys (no comments about how my hair is the same color as the tree....!!!)

Truett -ba-guett

Jay and his baby brother

Daddy reading to his boys, I am so happy Dillon was lifting his head and looking at his book!

Jay helping Daddy rake the leaves, I love how the rake is bigger than him!

After raking we had some fun!

Truett in the leaves

My three little men!

Ok so Jay loves to pick on his brothers.... at least it is done in brotherly love!

Praise the Lord! Dillon has been doing so good he was able to go out without pulse ox or oxygen or suction and I was confident he was ok. I love being able to take him without all those tubes and wires we can do so much more with him! I love you Dillon!

Mommy and her sweet Dillon boy

Thanksgiving Day with my grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins and aunt's parents in VA. We had a great time seeing everyone! I am so thankful I have a wonderful husband that said we were still going even once our nurse canceled out. He stayed up 2 of the nights with Dillon and I was with him the last night.

Sitting around talking, having fun together!

Great Grandpa and JayDonn. We love you Great Grandpa!

Making Apple pancakes. It is a tradition in our family, Grandpa makes them for special occassions. Last time we went to VA Grandpa thought it would be the last time we got them, and he said that again this time - but I told him I don't believe that since he was wrong last time. Praying for you Grandpa. (My Grandpa has stage 4 cancer, but God is good and he is doing well and is mostly pain free right now!) This time I got to help with the pancakes and put my sweat and blood into them - literally... i shredded my finger and was bleeding! hahaha It wasn't bad just enough to get a bandaide for!

Truett kept crawling under Grandpa's chair and laughing about it.
Daddy and two of his boys

Grandma and I working hard in the kitchen....

....while Grandpa and the boys are napping in the living room.

Aunt Sherry holding Truett

Aunt Sherry Uncle Donn and two of thier children with Truett

Daddy was so tired from taking care of Dillon two night in a row and the day before that we got up at 4am to drive to VA.

Mommy and Dillon - Jay took this picture all by himself

Jay took this picture of Grandpa and Gramma all by himself too!
Josiah put lights on the holly berry tree outside Grandpa and Gramma's house. It looked so good!

Truett looks like he is trying to stand ;o)

Sitting up like a big boy!

Look at my little man go! 6.5 months old, crawling, sitting and grwoing up WAY too fast!

Mommy and Truett

Hope you enjoy these pictures of what we have been up to recently! I need to post some videos here soon but at least these are finally on!
Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and looking forward to the season of celebrating our wonderful Savior's birth!


Donna said...

Loved all the pictures. Good to see your grandparents, too. Glad you had a nice time in Virginia with everyone. Looks like Truett is really taking off. Looking forward to seeing you all the end of next month. Love and prayers, Dad and Mom K.

Dan said...

Thank you for all the pictures you made us feel like we were there with you, we are waiting on the Lord as to when we can see the little ones, and ones too. I am glad you got the pics with the great parents it will be something to treasure. I praise the Lord with you that Josiah said you were going without a nurse. Grandma told us all about the lights she wanted to know how Josiah knew she had been wanting them since they moved there..lol..looking forward to the videos. love and hugs to all. Love Pappa, grandma and of coarse Sergeant (who has been asking to see JayDonn lol lol)

Jem said...

Hey I miss you guys so much!!!

Jen (black Jen, texas tee hee) from BHBC