Monday, July 02, 2012

My 27th Birthday!

For my birthday my Mom send Jay some money to take Mommy out on a date! So the day before my birthday we decided to do it right and really dress up! When I got dressed and came out of my room Truett saw me and said "Mommy! Pretty!!" And started to touch my dress. It was so cute. Daddy stayed home with the other three (or so I thought....) Daddy had Jay come to the front door and ring the bell....

Don't we make a cute couple? :o)

My little Man!

We went to the Cheesecake Factory! (Don't know why blogger flipped my picture again!)

The lady knew we were sharing our lemonade so she brought two straws!

Then we had cheesecake! Yummy! He was so sweet the whole time. He walked holding my hand, opened doors (the ones he could reach anyways!) and whenever he got distracted in the toy store (Cheesecake Factory is in the mall) and let go of my hand he would quickly come back and hold my hand again. It was such a sweet time just the two of us! I think it needs to become a tradition!

Then on my birthday I woke to find some potted plants. When Jay and I asked where/when he got them he finally told us he loaded the 3 kids up and went to the store for them while Jay and I were out at dinner. He is so sweet. That night the kids had an activity at church so we took Dillon and Haddie with us to this fancy little restaurant and had a very nice dinner. Of course the clouds opened up and dropped water on us as we were driving and unloading there so we were soaked, but it was still wonderful. On our way home Josiah stopped and got some ice cream and a a cherry Boston cream cake and they sang to me and we ate out cake. (Sorry the only pics we got were on Josiah's phone so I don't have them to post)

It was a wonderful birthday!


Anonymous said...

Can I ask you a question, Tiffany?

What religion do you follow? Mormon? Catholic?

Tiffany said...

Hi Mariam, I am a born again Christian and a follower of Jesus Christ. We attend a Baptist church. We believe that everyone, if honest with themselves, will admit to having told lies (making them a liar), stealing things - even small things (making them a thief) and looking at a person with lust which Jesus calls adultery. The Bible says no liar, thief or adulterer will enter Heaven. But that God loves us so much that he sent his only begotten son to the world to die for us and take our sin and that if we only accept his free gift we can be saved from the punishment we deserve and know for SURE that Heaven is our home!

What about yourself?