Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Dillon's new switch!

Part one of two of Dillon's new switches came today! I am so excited to use them! This is not the piece Dillon will normally be touching, this is just to record our voices in to allow him to socially interact! This is all the ideas from the communication clinic at DuPont... THANK YOU!

This video just touches my Mommy heart! THIS is what DuPont wants for Dillon...ok so they want him to touch the switch without help, but it IS his first night with it! I just LOVE how Truett took to it and is answering him, playing with him, hugging him etc. THIS is social interaction!! Oh, how I PRAY Dillon can learn to socailly ineract with us!!
If you remember to please pray that Dillon will be able to learn social interaction I would appreciate it. DuPont's experts say there is no possible pathway for Dillon to make choices to communicate with us. Which is exactly as I expected. But they do believe he MAY be able to learn that touching his switch allows him to interact with us and causes us to ineract with him. If you see Dillon from now on, you should see him with his switch! (Except during preaching at church - he doesn't need to socially interact during the preaching! :-) )


Donna said...

Truett is so adorable--what a blessing. I am praying that Dillon will be able to push the button and realize that this allows him to tell us he wants us to interact with him. I love you Dillon and Truett. Grandma K.

Anon said...

Is this blog active?

Tiffany said...

Anon...I have not been on to post in a while due to just being busy with the kids. I am hoping to update soon with some of the major changes in Dillon's life recently.