Monday, September 18, 2006

Off to School

Not too much has been happening. Dillon has been sick since Friday with a cold. I think he is finally doing better. He didn't sleep ALL day long today and was actually picking his head up and oushing with his arms and legs, which he hasn't done since Friday. I think he is getting better finally. Other than that I am just continuing my search for a home based business...that isn't going as well as I would like.
Well I am off to BI (Bible Institute) which is Monday nights for 3 hours. Right now it is one class instead of two, so 3 hours of Pauline Epistles with Pastor Shorter. Have a good evening everyone!


joy said...

i hear pastor shorter is a real cool teacher ;-)...;-) sorta biased too, but, he sure is a great pop pop!

been thinking about u guys. emma says-HI DILLON!

Rachel said...

Glad he's feeling better. :)