Saturday, July 21, 2007

More Pictures and Videos

I think I'll drive you (and me!) crazy now that I know how to use YouTube with all the videos! But I hope you enjoy them...since so many of you are so far away and don't get to see the boys I like the idea of letting you watch them as they grow up!
Isn't he sweet?

I think this is the first picture of me with both of my boys...I have to get more of these!

I love how he fell cute!

Matching outfits, resting on the bean bag

I'm rock climbing!

Don't I look like a little Marine, especially with the High-and-tight Daddy gave me?! (We were letting Dillon's hair grow so we would have enough to send away for a hair anaylsis, so we finally cut it last night and sent that away today. I'll let you know when I get the results.)

Daddy is teaching them young....


Brotherly Love

Daddy and JayDonn making faces

Daddy playing Ball with JayDonn


Anne said...

I seriously doubt anyone's going to have a problem with pictures... least of all me! I'll just have to wait 'til I get home to watch those videos but by then I'll be able to *see* them in person:D. Keep them coming!

Abbi said...

Oh, aren't they precious?! Look at Dillon's chubby cheeks!!

Borbe Bunch said...

Hi Tiffany!!
Congratulations on your new sweet son!!! :) I can totally relate to what your heart is going through right now...I am praying for you.
For enjoyment as you experience new things that newborns do :) and for balance in your emotions as you work through the "comparing" that goes on...I love your attitude Tiffany and your heart to honor and glorify God through the blessing of BOTH your sons...every child given to parents teach them something new, your two sons where given to you for a PURPOSE, I see you walking in it and am blessed by you! :)
I would like to write to you more, you can email me, when you can:
borbebunch at yahoo...OK, God bless you and your two sweet sons!!!

Rachel said...

So I'm a little behind in my blog reading these days. These pictures are so cute!!!

Thanks so much for posting them.

Ms Wendy in OK said...

ohhhhh LOVE the high and tight! I pray for you often...balancing two young men of such a close age is a challenge, I'm sure! I really enjoy the pics and the videos!! It's probably the closest I'll get to meeting them for the next 3 years. :-)