Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Pictures and Video

My sleeping angels!

Daddy likes to tease JayDonn when he is hungry by letting him suck on his nose.

I tired to get a picture with JayDonn's head up and his eyes open big, but he put his hand up just as I took it - silly lil boy.

A family in our church gave Dillon this big bean bag for his birthday to help with positioning, but JayDonn enjoys it too.

We took Dillon and JayDonn out to our little pool tonight. Since it wasn't extreamly hot today the pool water was pretty cold. As soon as Si put JayDonn's feet in the water he started to cry. Si got him in to the waist, but JayDonn did not like it one bit. I got Dillon's feet wet and e pulled them up and at one point he sighed. But he did better than JayDonn. Keep in mind JayDonn hasn't even been in a bath tub yet because his cord just fell off. After a short "swim" the boys got in the tube with Daddy. It was oh so cute! JayDonn started to cry, then when he realized it was nice warm water he relaxed and almost went to sleep! Silly boy! Dillon started to wiggle when he got in.

Click here for the video where JayDonn opened his eyes for the first time ever. Daddy caught it on video!


Abbi said...

Wah! That video of Jaydonn is just precious! I think I could tear up at ANY video of a newborn baby...so sweet! Welcome to the world, Jaydonn!

Anne said...

Wow! Pictures of JayDonn!!! I can't wait to see him and hold him:o)

Katina said...

Wow! Dillon looks so much "chubbier" in this bathtub picture...it looks like he's really packin' on the pounds, how wonderful! I also LOVED the crying newborn video...such a wonderful sound, the sweet little cry of a newborn!