Friday, September 07, 2007

Pictures and Videos

I just love the digital camera/youtube world! What would I have done 10 years ago without such easy access to these things? Better question - what would YOU have done? I see the boys everyday! hahahaha

Daddy with his two Boys (from our 2nd Anniversary)

Dillon and I

The family!

(Last year on our 1st Anniversary we got a picture with the three of us, this year - for our second anniversary we got a picture with the four of us! And NO we aren't going for 5 next year for the third anniversary!)

Dillon doesn't look so big next to Jay anymore. Dillon is 17 pounds 6 ounces JayDonn is 13 pounds!

Jay was crying so I put him right down next to Dillon. I let him kiss Dillon's head and he stopped crying and went right to sleep. I think he knows his big brother.

Now for the videos:
(For those who aren't sure how to view the videos - click on the blue title that is underlined and it will open it up. If anyone still has trouble, let me know.)

Speech Therapy
Dillon started jerking his head when Miss Sue used the vibrator on his lips. He was doing it much more before I got the camera, but at least we got a little on video.

Daddy and Jay
Josiah was playing with Jay the other night, it was so cute. Jay is starting to get his personality. He is going to be a people person I think. He loves to watch people and or be moving at all times.

Jay and Dillon's Therapy
I decided to see what Jay thought of Dillon's vibrator. He clearly does not like it!
Dillon and JayDonn
Dillon was talking a lot so I tried to get it on video, but nothing. So of course as soon as I turned off the camera he started again. I tried to get it again, but he didn't talk too much. I was holding JayDonn at the time and he was kicking my arm so I apologize if you get sea sick while watching!

Dillon Singing!
This is my favorite one from today. I don't know why, but Dillon was singing. He is going to have a beautiful voice - just like his Daddy. He kept talking for several minutes after this, then all of a sudden he stopped and hasn't made another peep! I just can't figure this kid out!

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Kuenzis in West Virginia said...

These are our favorite videos! Love, Grandpa, Granmdma, and Aunty Hannah