Saturday, September 29, 2007

Videos, videos, and more videos!!!

First - My nicknames for the boys have been Dillon aka "Turkey" and JayDonn aka "Monkey" I cme up with better names, though. Jay is my "Chunky Monkey" and Dillon is my "Low-fat Turkey!" HAHAHAHA I LOVE IT!!!

Now - some pictures!
These first two are of Dillon sitting in his special chair with his adaptive switch. It is a yellow button that turn the vibrating pillow on. When he takes his fingers off the pillow turns off.

My boys laying together on the living room floor!
Jay loves the swing! He often falls alseep in it, but sometimes he likes to just sit there and watch things go by.
They got their hands together all on their own.
Isn't it sweet?!
Okay, now for the videos - I know most of them are of JayDonn, it is hard to get videos of Dillon since he doesn't move too much. When he does do something, he normally doesn't repeat it long enough to get the camera out. I am going to try harder to get more of Dillon:
He got ahold of the tube all on his own, maybe he wants me to suction him more, or maybe he thinks if he is holding it I can't use it!)
He is using his head while taking a break and sucking his thumb!)
Daddy would kiss Dillon then Jay leans over and kisses him. It was so sweet. He was doing it even better before I got the camera out - of course!
Well that ought to be enough to keep you busy for a while! Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Tiff, The boys are just so cute! I'm so glad you updated!

Anonymous said...

awww..thanks for posting the videos. :o) ~Hannah

Koala Bear said...

That vibrating pillow with the adaptive switch that Dillon is using looks neat! Does he like the vibration? We have a massager that we use on Rebecca's legs that she likes too. All the pictures and videos of your boys are just precious!