Thursday, January 24, 2008

My Three Men!

I love the men in my life. God has blessed me with the best three men I could ask for. I wanted to take a moment to "brag" on them! (No, but really I wanted to tell the world how wonderful each of them are and what they mean to me!)

JayDonn: God gave us this little boy when we weren't expecting it. I worried that it wasn't the right time, but I should have known - God knows best. It was the right time. Jay is the light in our lives. When my days are long and tedious, he changes things up by doing something new and or crazy. When I am sad and just down, he makes me laugh. He has this way about him. He never stops laughing and smiling. He learns so much everyday, I never knew how smart babies are. I know I am being watched and I want to set a good example for him. I love him so much! Look at these pictures, how could any not feel happier having him in their life?

Dillon:Dillon is my hidden blessing. It often seems like a burden, and it is. But he is also the biggest blessing. He reminds me to be grateful for the simple things in life. He reminds me not to take things for granted. He reminds me that God is in control of life and all the details of our life. Through Dillon I have learned I can pray over the "little silly" things of life. I can ask God for the simple and I can ask God for the impossible! I said recently that a part of me died when Dillon was born, the part that could laugh at the drop of a hat and be full of energy. It is true, but a new part of me was born that day too. A part that has more compassion for people, a part that is learning to trust God more and more. I don't know what I would do if I didn't have my little Dillon Boy in my life. I love Dillon, he works so hard to try to get better!

Josiah:God gave me the best husband there is! I don't know of another man who would be the Daddy that our boys, especially Dillon, needs. It is easy to be a Daddy, it is easy to train a child, to play with them, to teach them. It is easy to go to the store with a child, to go on vacation, to go to church with a child. It is another thing to love a child so unconditionally that you don't let their problems even effect your love or your actions. Nothing is easy with Dillon, yet Josiah does all those things with him. Many Dads wouldn't have wanted to fly across the country with a child like Dillon. Not only is it a ton of work but it draws a ton of attention. Josiah is great with the boys. He loves to play with Jay and talk to him and fly him in the air. But he also loves to hold Dillon and whisper in his ear. He tells Dillon how much he loves him. Josiah supports me and helps me with everything. He helps with the house work and usually does all the shopping and a lot of the laundry. He is never hard on me for not being able to keep up with everything. He is a wonderful man! I love you Josiah, thank you for being my husband!

(Special Thanks: I wanted to say thank you too to Mrs. G for coming to our house for a couple of days to help me. Thank you for taking your time to learn about Dillon's care and what his life is all about. We appreciated your help very much!!)


Katina said...

Aw, what a wonderful post! How important it is to be grateful, even of the "difficult" situations in our life!

Keep turnin' them into pearls girl! :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you Dear for such a compliment.