Friday, February 01, 2008

Happy Birthday Anne

Thank you for being such a dear friend. I am so glad Bro. George asked you to come pick me up. :-)I'm sorry we couldn't do something this Saturday - you have to pick the date when you aren't busy (haha I know but pick one any way!) So we can plan to go to Lancaster, or New York or something.... ~Tiff~

HAPPY BIRTHDAY AUNTY ANNE! I wanted to say Happy Birthday to you too and thank you for being there for my Mommy. It has been a hard year and a half, but she knows if she needs a friend that you are always there. Thank you for praying for me too! ~Dillon~

HAPPY BIRTHDAY AUNTY ANNE! Aren't you glad I will finally look at you! I decided you look like my Mommy but you aren't trying to trick me so I thought it would be ok to look at you now! ~JayDonn~

Have a great day Anne!

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