Thursday, July 10, 2008

Eye, ears, stomach

On Friday, July 4th, around 10 p.m. we had to take Dillon to the ER at CHOP. We had called the doctor as blood was coming out of his left ear and they instructed me to take him right away since we cannot be sure of his pain level. 

We had had a good day at two picnics from people in our church. When we came home Josiah and I were working on stuff in the basement and Hannah called to me that there was blood coming out of his ear and that it was a decent amount. Hannah stayed home with JayDonn and Josiah and I took Dillon to the ER. We were there until 4 a.m. They said Dillon's left ear drum is perforated and the tube in it has fallen out. They put him on an antibiotic, ear drops with an antibiotic and steroid, and Motrin for the pain. I also have to put 50% hydrogen peroxide in this right ear as it is completely clogged with wax. Poor Baby! His seizures have greatly decreased now that he is on the pain killers. We probably saw a spike in seizure activity because of the level of pain he was in. 

The poor little boy also has had a stye on his left eye lid for a long long time now. It went away for a couple days and has been back eber since. It has been huge! We are trying something we read in a book of Amish home remedies that my mom bought me. It finally seems to be working!! The stye is getting a little smaller and there has been a little bit of junky stuff in his eye from the infection starting to leave! I hope it goes away completely! And soon!

Tomorrow we will start our day around 7 am when his nurse comes, early. We will then head out to King of Prussia for an ENT appointment to see if Dillon needs to have the tube put in his ear again. From there we will go to the doctor at 11 in Paoli for Jay's one year shots and Dillon's weight check. From there we will go to the G-tube nurse in Exton at 2 for her to look at Dillon's  site. It has been red and open for a little while now and we cannot do anything to get it to heal. She will have to look at it and see what needs done, she may cauterize it tomorrow. 

Friday is going to be a LONG day, with some pain for both boys. JayDonn will be getting shots (but as long as he is thirsty and I give him a drink as soon as they give the shot he has done fine before) and Dillon with getting his ears and G-Tube site look at and especially if he gets it cauterized. 

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Anonymous said...

praying for both boys and you too. Hope all goes well, give the boys a kiss for us.

love grandpa and grandma