Saturday, July 19, 2008

America's Best Glasses Is a SCAM

Ok folks, you know I don't normally get on here and bash a particular company. However, when they scam people so incredibly much I can't help but tell you so that in the future if you ever see the advertisement for 2 pairs of glasses for $69.95 you will remember that they are scamming you and not waste your time or money! 

America's Best Contacts and Eyeglasses are thieves!

Hannah called ahead of time and asked if there were any restrictions on the deal of 2 for 69.95 and was told as long as you pick the glasses marked 45.95 they are included. Well after waiting for almost 2.5 hours to just get the exam they then wanted to charge an extra 88 for the lenses. Hello? Have you every ordered a hamburger and had to pay extra to get the bun? No! That should be included. I am not going to waste your time with all the details of how they scam, but please just remember it and NEVER go there! If you want to see how horrible the company is just do a quick google search on America's best = america's worst or america's best complaints! You will find HUNDREDS of complaints.

I hope this helps keep someone else from wasting time and money (they didn't get any of our money!)


Anonymous said...

thanks tiffany for this information, thanks to the fact that you passed it along , less people now are going to be tricked

God bless !!


Anonymous said...

thank you I was thinking of going there case it seemed like a good deal. shoes

Sandy said...

Hello! I wish I would have seen this webpage sooner! My husband and I just came from America's Best. We spent an hour and a half, picking out frames, waiting for an exam, waiting to be seen, only to be told the exact same thing! You see, after you choose the glasses, and have the exam DONE, THEN they tell you that the partial-fram glasses will cost you at additional $88 (PER PAIR) due to the need for stronger lenses. My husband was FURIOUS! NO WHERE in the store is there ANY kind of disclosure about the partial fram glasses costing more, NO WHERE. I am considering writing a letter to the Attorney General as to what happened. I said to the man taking care of us "Don't you feel this falls under some type of DISCLOSURE policy??" So, my husband said "FORGET IT. I came in here to get 2 pair of glasses for $69. I picked out the required $59 frames. NO WHERE does it say anything about partial-frames costing more!" So, we should just leave, right? Oops, nope, can't do that! You already got your eye exam. It's a little tough to return that! So they still took us for $45, and BE SURE, we took the prescription with us! I will tell EVERYONE - DO NOT GO TO AMERICA'S BEST!!