Thursday, August 07, 2008

Fries with your Ketchup?

You bring your fries, I'll provide the long past due, much needed ketchup. 

Let's see, where to start? Hannah was with us for 7 weeks! What a blessing that was! Thank you Hannah, you were such a help and encouragement to me. It was so much fun having you here. It was like I finally had a younger sister that I have always! Some of the highlights of what we did while she was here: Hannah died my hair twice, we went to the salon to get our hair cut for my birthday (Thank you to Josiah, my Dad and Mom and Grandpa and Grandma for doing that for me). I discovered while it was fun it is NOT worth paying that much in the future. We took pictures in a park for a surprise 3rd anniversary present for Josiah. (He saw the thumbnails on the computer so he knows it has something to do with pictures but I can't explain any more yet).  We did a bunch of other things too, but I can't remember them all right now! Thank you again Hannah!! And thank you to Dad and Mom K for letting Hannah stay and help us, we know you missed her while she was gone!

The stye Dillon has had since May is almost gone, Hannah and I popped it (not the dumb way the doctor told us to, though) It is still there but is so much smaller than it was!

We have not had a regular night nurse since May. We have on average 2 nights a week. Hannah left on Sat July 26 and on Monday July 28 my day nurse was called off for 3 weeks due to back problems. It has been a long two weeks, which is why I haven't had time to update my blog.  We are surviving, ONLY because God has been so good to us in letting Dillon sleep every night from 12am - 6am without beeping at all! We have him sleeping on his stomach on a foam with a cut out for his tube with .5 L oxygen. He seems to love it! It takes the pressure off his tube but allows all the drool to come out of his mouth so he doesn't have to cough it out. What a blessing!! I would be a complete zombie by now if God wasn't helping Dillon to sleep so well!

We are still seeking a nurse, if you know of anyone interested in the job, please please PLEASE give them my name and number and get them in contact with me!

JayDonn has 10 teeth now, he is almost done cutting his top molars. he is also taking step on his own. He will usually only take 2-5 steps but he is gaining confidence everyday! We have also seen him walking in the kitchen when he didn't know we were looking!

Jay is playing more and more with Dillon. He loves to kiss Dillon's head and try to lift Dillon's head for him. He also will go to the basket, get the chest percussion tool and start doing chest PT on Dillon. He is even trying to suctions Dillon's mouth for me now. He is starting to be such a help!

We have depositions next week for Dillon's court case. Tuesday the Attorneys are coming to our house to explain what it will be like and Thursday we will go to Allentown and meet with the defense Attorneys for the depositions. 

Aunty Anne leave Thursday for Thailand for about 9 months. We are going to spend the afternoon together on Wednesday. Will you pray for her as she goes over to help missionaries on the field?

JayDonn is also starting to talk some. He says "bad" (which he got from me talking about something else, I don't even tell him that he is bad or anything!!!) he also says "no" ( I DO tell him No a lot!), I have heard him say "yellow", "apple", "I got it", and a few other things I can't remember right now. He is growing up so fast!

Dillon seizures are normally very good. He has 1-2 a day. Today he is having a bunch, they are short, though. I think it is because I have not been masking him the last couple of days. I have to set a stopwatch online to buzz every 5 minutes so I remember to mask him for 30 seconds every five minutes. Dillon's whole program is on hold since Barb isn't here to help. I have my hands full with his care, Jay's care, cleaning, cooking, and laundry. I just can't do his program, but he is by his bright lights and black and white pictures all the time and I have been doing my best at masking him throughout the day.

Well that's enough for now, pictures will come later.....maybe! :o)

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