Thursday, May 14, 2009

Dillon and China updates

Dillon did aspirate and had pneumonia again. He was started on antibiotics on Friday but was not making any improvements. Tuesday Dillon was very very sick - we thought we were going to have to take him to CHOP, but then all of a sudden he started doing better! Praise the Lord! We did not have to take him. He is still sick, but he is doing much better!

We now have a "cause" on facebook for Dillon for his stem cells- basically it is being sent from person to person to raise awareness to Dillon's need for Stem Cells. In less than 3 days we have 266 members! I also now have a "chip in" on my blog where people can donate via paypal or credit card. I just put that on last night and we have raised $50 (ok - so 2 of the people were family and only 1 was an non-family contributor!) But no matter who it is coming from I am so thankful for people's generosity!

If you don't normally stop by the blog, please do. There is also a BRAND NEW VIDEO on it for you to see. If you don't come to then please click here to see the video I made today called "Dillon's Journey - From Birth to Stem Cell Treatments"

Please keep praying! Thank you!!


QuiltingB29 said...

praying for Dillon!

Nikki said...

please let me know how to join your cause on Facebook. You can e-mail me at Best of luck with Dillon...he is precious.

hannah said...

Dillon's video is really nice!

Audra said...

I want you to know how strong of a person you are and i want you to know all your family over here prays for you and Dillon everyday and i really think stem cells are a good idea and i really believe God will take care of the rest you have a real fighter for a son.
we send our love to you all and i really hope you get to your goal

Shari said...

Dillon, i loved your newest video. how beautiful to see how much you can do now, vs. when you were tiny. your family have worked with you so faithfully, and helped give you so many experiences in the world (like swimming and the zoo etc.) good job dillon, for your progress!! I'll pray for your treatments, and that you get loads of contributers. :):)

nene8200 said...

Hi...I know we don't know each other, but I saw your cause on Facebook and joined. I think you have a precious, beautiful family. I will pray for your son. May God's blessings be upon you!