Monday, August 30, 2010

Our new house

I haven’t updated my blog in a long time! I need to catch up. I am going to do multiple entries so they are organized better. After my birthday, our nurse of 5 days a week for a year and a half had to sudden quit due to medical issues in her family. We miss her a lot!

First things first - our new house. We moved on July 3 and the days following. My parents were still here for it and were a big help. We hired my Dad to paint the outside of our old house to get it ready to go on the market. It looks so much better than it did. The move went well, the unpacking however is slow. We are mostly unpacked now, but there are still things that I don’t know what to do with them. The house has a good size front yard and a fenced in back yard – which is great for Jay! There is a garage that connects to the breezeway and then right into Dillon’s therapy area where we spend most of our day. It has tile floor, which I have a love-hate relationship with. I love that I can clean Dillon’s secretions off of it, but I hate that the moment I sweep and wash the floor there is still stuff there! This room is big enough for his stander, patterning table, incline ramp, mattress, wheelchair, liquid oxygen tank, cupboards with his therapy supplies, a loveseat and his area to lay on the floor. It has a fireplace in it, although I am thinking we won’t be able to use it with his huge liquid oxygen tank in the room.

Then there is a kitchen off of the therapy room, which I am using right now. It is a large eat in kitchen with a door to the back yard. This floor also has a totally awesome bathroom. The previous owners had the bathroom redone by HGTV and it has heated floor, a heated towel rack and water temp that is pre-programmable (which means it will remember Dillon’s temp so no one will make it too hot or too cold). Then down a few steps is where Dillon’s bed, dresser, medical supplies, nurses writing areas, my computer, Jay’s school stuff, and laundry is. Up a few steps from the therapy area is the other kitchen (which I currently don’t use at all) and a formal dining room and living room is then up a few more steps are the three bedrooms and a bathroom. Our bathroom isn’t as cool as Dillon’s, but it is pretty big and we have a nice bathroom set in it which helps off set the blue bath tub and blue tile. :o)

In our back yard is a big fig tree, it produced SO many figs this year and they are delicious! I had never had a fig before now, but they are so good! It is so much fun to walk in your back yard, pick fruit off the tree and eat it!

We are so thankful God provided this new home for us to live in. It is been a huge blessing to us!! Now if only we could sell (or rent) our old house that would be perfect!

upstairs kitchen (the one I am not using yet)

formal dining room


"Dillon's" kitchen

Dillon's bathroom

Dillon's bathroom

Back yard
Front yard

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