Thursday, December 16, 2010

Aquatic Therapy

Dillon's first aquatic therapy went great! He did wonderful! He relaxed into the water and let the water stretch him. I learned how to move him and do some things with him. We got some great pictures - but the nurse accidently took the camera home with her so on Tuesday I can post them! :o) I think he is really going to enjoy aquatic therapy! (MY legs do NOT like it so much though!)

I can't wait to learn more (in two weeks we go again) Now I need to find an indoor pool nearby that would let me take Dillon in and work with him a few times a week...... any suggestions?


Becca Quilts said...

Tiffany - I'm not in your area, but could you try a hotel? The hotel by me lets non-guests use the pool for a monthly fee or a per use fee. It covered everyone in the household @ the same price and there was never anyone there when my friend went. I think it was a Holiday Inn.

Tiffany said...

That's a good idea! I should call a few of the hotels and explain the situation. I had thought of that but I thought they wouldn't let anyone for liability reasons.... After Christmas I will call. Thanks Becca

StaceyV said...

A YMCA should let you. I know they have wheel chairs at the Spring Valley one that go into the pool.