Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Daddy's Birthday

Yesterday was Daddy's 28th birthday! Jay helped me decorate and make a cake. Then Jay sang Happy Birthday to Daddy. Click here to watch it.

Check out the video to see the card Jay made. I was upstairs while he was working on the card. I came down to see that he wrote " H P B" He knew those were some of the letters in Happy Birthday all on his own. Then I told him the letters to write and he wrote Happy Birthday all on his own! He is doing very well. He is reading some words now and is trying to learn more. Everytime I turn around he is reading a book now.

For Daddy's birthday Truett got Daddy a new tooth! His first tooth came through yesterday! One more is almost here, hopefully soon! He has been cranky and runny nose because of them! Click here for Truett's first cheerios

Happy Birthday Josiah! We love you!

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