Saturday, September 10, 2011

It's a GIRL!

(Sorry I wrote this Friday night - but just saw that it didn't post!!!)

Psalm 37:4 Delight thyself also in the LORD; and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart.

We would like to announce the arrival of

Hadassah Love Kuenzi

Born September 9, 2011

At 12:07pm

Weighing 6lb 7oz

Length 19in

Head circum 13 1/4

at Paoli Hospital with Dr. Anne Bussard

Hadassah Love - our little girl! We fell in love with you the moment we saw you. Your Daddy is totally smitten with you and has already said he is going to have to be careful not to spoil you too much so that you will grow up to be a godly young lady. Your big brother Jay is also smitten by you! This letter is to you Haddie, so you will know why Dad and Mom choose your name.

Before we were married, Mom was reading the book of Esther in her devotions and saw that in Esther 2:7 Queen Esther's Hebrew name was Hadassah. Mom called Dad and told him about the name. At first he wasn't sure of it, but the next time we talked he had changed his mind and he did like it. So before we married we both liked the name Hadassah - if we ever had a girl. We have waited through your three big brothers to finally get to name a little girl!

Queen Esther is a woman we would challenge you to be like. She had boldness, but grace. She was outspoken, yet respectful. She took a stand for what was right, although putting her own life at risk. Queen Esther knew the power of God, but she also knew the power of prayer and fasting. She was faithful to God, she was faithful to her people, but she was also faithful to her husband. Hadassah means myrtle flower which is sweetness. Queen Esther lived her life in a way that was a sweet savor to Almighty God. Haddie, we want you to grow up to be a woman who will follow God, do whatever He asks of you, and remember that God created you for "such a time as this".

The middle name Love is from your Great Grandma Schnarr. When she married, she took her maiden name as a middle name since she was not given one at birth. Great Grandma Schnarr is also someone we would challenge you to be like. She is an example of a proverbs 31 woman. She faithfully stood by her husband and supported him through their ministries. She loved poeple, even the people who opposed her husband. She helped Grandpa as he Pastored church, was a missionary, and even when he was a painter/paperhanger. Great Gramma is sweet and strong at the same time. While Mom was pregnant with you, Great Grandpa went Home to Heaven after fighting horribly painful cancer. Great Gramma stood by him every step of the way and is now going on without her husband of 52 years, trusting God every step of the way. Great Granma was a big part of your Mom's life when she was growing up and taught her many things. They shared a love for ice cream and other sweet things, but also a love of spending time together. Great Gramma would come to every important school event, take Mom to church sometimes, played games with her, rubbed her hands and feet at night as they sat together watching a movie or TV. Great Gramma is also a prayer warrior and prayed for Mom to be saved, until one day at 18 she finally did see her need for salvation and trust Jesus Christ as the only way to have her sins forgiven. Great Gramma's influence has made a difference in Mom's life and that is why we wanted to remind you of her by the middle name of Love.

We love you little Haddie, and although we will not be perfect parents we will try to raise you to remember to serve God first with your life and to always look to him for direction and wisdom just like Queen Esther did.


Daddy and Mommy

Birth story:

Thursday I saw the doctor again and for two weeks waqs 5cm and 80%. We had decided not to induce, because we wanted to let you grow if you still needed to. After my appointment (I think the Dr did something to try to jump start labor) I was miserable. I was having contractions more often, but not regular. My stomach was sore, and you were as active as ever. The next morning Daddy had to go to work early and the nurse (Miss Jeniffer) came at 8 so we could attend the first MOMS meeting at church. Jay, Truett and I sat down to eat some cereal I noticed my contractions were coming pretty regular so I started to time them. After 6 in a row about 4 minutes apart I called Daddy at work and asked him to come home. I also called a friend, Stacey, from church and asked if she could come sit with the boys. We left for the hosptial shortly after. We arrived around 9:30am, just over an hour from my first contraction. The contractions were still pretty light at this point. They got me in the room and all hooked up and said I was about 6cm and within 30 minutes they broke my water. They checked me again and I was 7cm then the next check - after the contractions were very painful I was almost ready. Several more minutes went by and they brought in the chart with all the supplies and the bright light and all and I kjnew it was almost time! The doctor came in and I pushed through two contractions. Then one more push as I helped lift you up to my chest! (You were the only one I got to do this with) You were laying with your tummy to mine and we didn't know who you were for a few moments. Then as we turn you Daddy and I both saw and said "Its a GIRL!" You were born at 12:07, with just under 4 hours of labor.

We adore you! We helped to dress you after your first bath in your little pink outfit with pink socks and a pink head band! It is so weird to say "she" and "her" I called you "buddy" and then realized - you're not a buddy! :o)


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