Friday, September 16, 2011

Haddie's first week!

Waiting for Baby to make his/her arrival
Right after Hadassah was born!

Daddy and his little girl!

Jay's first time holding his little sister
Truett trying to explore his little sister
Grandpa S holding Haddie for the first time
Grandma S holding her
Daddy, Mommy, and our little girl!
Our first family picture with our whole family!
Grandpa and Grandma K's meeting their first granddaughter!
Dillon and his little sister
Jay holding HIS baby
Getting dressed in her take home outfit

They MADE me leave in a wheelchair because our car seat was not a carrier.
The car seat Daddy got for Haddie
Helping Truett with Haddie

Welcome Home Haddie!
The hand prints are of each of the family members here for her birth and when we brought her home. Dillon, JayDonn, Truett, Grandpa and Grandma S, Grandpa and Grandma K, Uncle Ezra and Aunt Gina, Uncle Dan and Miss Evelyn, Aunty Hannah, and of course later Daddy and Mommy added ours.

Aunt Gina sharing Haddie with Jay.
Snuggle time
Haddie's rose! At our church they have the fathers come up and get a rose and tell the church the names and ages of the other children then all the stats on the new baby. We got a blue ribbon with Truett and this time got a rose with a PINK ribbon!

Everyone on the Kuenzi side (don't know why blogger turned it)
Schnarr side
Aunt Hannah made Haddie her first skirt!
Truett holding Haddie in the little bed we made her for downstairs
Kissing her....AGAIN!

Jay helping with her sponge bath
Truett helped too - he made sure the floor was good and soaked.

alcohol for her cord (my doctor said he is old school and still likes to use it - it isn't going to hurt anything so why not)
Can you guess who bought her this shirt? "Grandma loves me"
Daddy and Mommy went out for dinner before Grandpa and Granda leave, so of course she is the only one who got to come with us.
Haddie's hand in Dillons
Haddie's hand in mine
Jay and his beloved little sister

Seriously, can one have too many pictures?????
I love this one! Dillon loves having her lay with him

Haddie with one of Dillon's nurses
Grandpa and Grandma bought Jay a skate board, he did very well with it.

Haddie has had a fun first week. She slept 5 hours in a row the first few nights then was sleeping 3 hours during the night. She has gone shopping, to Dillon's acupuncture, the doctor (at her first visit she was 6lb 2oz), out to eat and lots of other things.

We are enjoying our precious little gift from God.

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Donna said...

Thanks for posting all the pictures. I miss you all. Love and Prayers, Mom(Grandma)