Saturday, October 01, 2011

3 weeks already?

I can't believe my little girl is already 3 weeks old. I have taken quite a few pictures, had lots of kisses and even more snuggles with her in these last 3 weeks.

Haddie is alert for much longer periods of time now. When she is awake I try to give her something to look at like Dillon's light box, high contrast pictures, or color pictures with a black background. She seems to enjoy it!

Today I put her on her belly and she rolled to her back! I'm quite sure it was by accident, but that's ok it is still good practice.

All but the last two nights, Haddie has been sleeping about 5-6 hours at night. The last two nights she has only gone 3 hours, maybe she is getting ready for her one month growth spurt...? She is still so tiny and petite! Although I must admit Haddie seems to be getting a little double chin and a nice round belly! Her face shape and the double chin remind me the most of Jay! I think they will look the most alike.

Today was a busy day. Josiah had to get up around 4am to do some work on the computer then went to a men's book study at church while I got all for little people up and going. Then he did some yard work. To give him time to do some school, I had him teach me how to use the riding mower. Well, I mowed the yard, and he didn't get any work done because, imagine that, 4 kids take up your full attention! LOL Then we went to Clifton Heights to hand out fliers for the new church. I don't know how many we got out but we were out for about an hour. Jay pushed Truett in the stroller and ran up to many of the doors to give them a flier. I had Hadassah in my sling and Daddy pushed Dillon. Then the men prayed for the ministry at the church and we came home. The boys are in bed early since we have to leave tomorrow morning about 7am to get to church in time. Haddie is acting like she hasn't had food in hours (its been about 30 minutes!) and Josiah is working on school. I guess that leaves me with needing to get off the computer and go do some house work and prepare everything I can to make getting ready in the morning as easy as possible....

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