Thursday, December 20, 2007


What is totally disgusting and most precious at the same time?

Answer: Kisses from Jay! He soaks my face with slobber but it is so sweet!


Shari said...


Borbe Bunch said...

HI Tiffany,
It has been a while.....I just read about how you went to a training institute...and as you well know, :) I am very interested to find out what you have learned, WHEN you have the time, maybe you could write some of the things you do with Dillion?
How exciting to read about him lifting his head, PRAISE the LORD!!! How wonderful. We see improvements in Ezra, ever so slowly...we are giving him Glyconutrients right now, you can go to Glyco Story dot com and hear some amazing stories about how these nutrients have helped people. We TRUST in the LORD and His amazing power...He alone has a perfect plan for both our boys!!
God bless and MERRY CHRISTMAS, may you have a blessed time with your family.