Sunday, December 16, 2007

What an encouragement!

Tonight at church was our cantata (very well done - I might add!) so we weren't sure who was on the list to take care of Dillon but we decided to keep him up with us so nobody would have to miss it. He was doing very well other than snoring. We decided to lay him on the floor (yes, we put him on blankets) on his tummy. Near the end of the cantata he started lifting his head. He kept lifting and putting it down for about 10 minutes. He also moved about 6 inches to the side. His lower body didn't move, on;y his upper body but at least he was moving!! What an encouragement! I think God is showing me small things to make sure I don't give up. Keep praying!! Keep praying for Dillon and for me to be consistent. Also, we are trying to find someone we can hire to help me with house work. After Christmas we want to increase the amount of time we do the program to help him improve as fast as possible. If you could please pray we can find somebody soon.
Thank you so much for praying!
God hears your prayers - and answers!

Just so you know - we have not seen him do this for 6 months! Very rarely he has lifted his head once or twice at a time in the last 6 months but he has not done it for 10 minutes like he did tonight. This is a big blessing - I had tears in my eyes when I started to believe he was actually doing it (meaning it wasn't a seizure).


WV Folks said...

Happy 18 months, Dillon. We love you. Grandpa, Grandma, and Aunty Hannah

Anonymous said...

Awesome! Go Dillon!!

Shari said...

that's fantastic! he must have liked the music! :):)