Saturday, April 19, 2008

Inclined Floor

The car sold to pay for this, the sofa, love seat and dining room table were sold to make room for it...Here is piece one of the two pieces of equipment we ordered for Dillon!

This is the Inclined Floor:

After getting it out of the box we started putting it together. Dillon sat by and waited for us to finish!
The man who built it for us had a grandchild with CP so he does this to help other parents out. It saved SO much time as it would have been so hard to try to make all these cuts and angles just right!
It actually didn't take too long at all since he labled all the parts and gave us good directions
All done!
Daddy having fun after working hard
Dillon on the inclined floor!
Look at him go!
JayDonn thought it was pretty neat too...
He climbed all the way up!

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