Thursday, April 10, 2008

More wonderful videos

How to entertain a nine month old? I am not sure, Jay sleeps a lot because he is bored. So the other day we got this tub out. He played with it then he played in it!

I forgot to share - Jay has had his third tooth for a couple weeks now - see it in this picture?

Sorry these are small, but it is a reminder of where Dillon started from.... God is so good. He is helping Dillon so much. This little boy was not supposed to live according to the NICU doctors. If he lived they didn't think he would ever be able to do anything other than MAYBE express if he was happy or upset. In these pictures, Dillon had never moved a muscle on his own.

This one was taken on my 21st birthday, I found out later that my mom asked the doctors if they thought Dillon was going to live. Since they all said, No he isn't going to live, she begged them to let me hold him while he was still alive. So the only reason they let me was because they thought he was going to die within a few days anyways!

Look at him after not even two years....!!!
He is chubby, thick legs and chunky cheeks. He is lifting his head and trying to move his feet to push him forward, we know he can see sometimes, we know he can hear my voice sometimes, we think sometime he might be swallowing a little

This is Dillon holding his head up for a long time...

This is JayDonn's first time walking with the toy Grandpa and Grandma S bought him.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, Boys, Keep going!! It is such a blessing to see Dillon hold his head up.
Much love and prayers,
Dad (Grandpa)& Mom (Grandma)

Wendy in OK said...

WOW!! I am so proud of those boys! They are both making such great progress!! Praise the Lord for answered prayer!