Monday, October 20, 2008

Meeting Mrs. McCain!

This morning Josiah got an email saying that Cindy McCain was making a secret trip to the office Blue Bell. It was not advertised except to the volunteers. So of course we had to go! There were only about 150 people there, so it was pretty neat.

Here is Jay walking around while we waited.

Miss Robin feeding Dillon

Here she comes in the motorcade...

It was a little dark because my flash isn't good enough, I am sure I can brighten it up - but I just want to get the pictures on right now.

Here Mrs. McCain is talking to Dillon. We gave her a copy of Dillon's Story and asked her to give on to Gov. Palin! She used to be a special needs teacher so you can tell she is comfortable talking to the special children. It was a once in a life time meeting that's for sure!

Some of her "crew" took these pictures for us. Our Nurse, Robin, stayed late so we could go. It was very sweet of her (plus she didn't mind getting the opportunity to shake hands with Mrs. McCain either!)


West Virginia folks said...

PRAISE THE LORD !!! What an opportunity. "Little is much when God is in it." Love, Dad & Mom K.

Aunt Nae said...

Way to go guys....This was a great opportunity...Never know what God will do with this...we'll keep watching.
Love ya
Aunt Nae and Aundre

Wendy in OK said...

If this doesn't just make you wanna shout....did you ever imagine you'd have such an opportunity?!! I'm so proud of you!

Dear Abbi said...

Wow, so cool!