Thursday, October 09, 2008

You'll NEVER believe what Dillon did today!!!! We have been working so hard for 5 hours every day with Dillon now that we have a nurse again. Everyday we work with trying to teach him how to stand (from sitting on my lap). I tuck his feat under one of my legs to keep it as flat as I can and Miss Robin (seen here) or Miss Bev (not pictures) help Dillon hold on to a rod. We then try to help his stand in a proper way. Today he did just this and I was able to let go and quick take a picture!!!! Look no one is holding him! Miss Robin was holding his hands so she could catch him but he was doing all the work. It was amazing!!!!! (Again, this does not mean he will do this again, we tried later today and he wouldn't...but we will Praise God for every step He gives us!) This is the BEST picture I have EVER taken of Dillon! Praise the Lord!! I NEVER thought I would see him do this, it was only a few seconds, but I am thrilled!
It was such a nice day today we took our patterning table outside and worked with Dillon out there for a while. It may have been the last good day we have so we have to take advantage of it! Several times Dillon tried to move himself, he pulled his legs up and pushed off. But our table is much too small and he would go right off the table. I am working on trying to find the best deal I can on craig's list for a massage table so he will be able to move forward a little without going off the table.
My boys were tired after a LONG day of therapy!
This is a loaner stander we just got since the insurance is fighting me so much. Easter Seal's in Reading is letting me borrow it for now. Dillon LOVES it I don't know why the insurance wants to make it so hard for a child like Dillon to be able to change position. He seemed excited to be at the piano when I was helping him play. I think this is why we were able to see what we did today - he has been spending some time in this everyday for one week now...look at the difference it has made...yet try to tell that to the insurance company who can't see past their wallet.
We went to the McCain head quarters to watch the debate, here is Jay in front of a sign that is now hanging on our house! I have to get a picture tomorrow of that!!
Yesterday Dillon got fitted for AFO's which are "shoes" that will go about half way up to his knees. They will have non slip bottoms and be specially designed to stop him from curling his toes when standing. The purpose is to keep his ankles and legs stright when standing. Currently he stands on the outside edge of his feet and do all sorts of funny bad things with his feet/legs.
It was hard cast material that was then cut off and will be sent away. We should get them in two weeks.
His little legs!
For the Grandmas, Grandpas, Aunties and all others who want to see Jay walking...not the best video but at least you can see him walking now.


Dear Abbi said...

Way to go, Dillon!!!!! We are so proud of you!! And congrats, again to Mommy for all of her hard work for you! It is a joy to see it pay off during these "big moments!" So happy for you tonight!!

Grandma K. said...

Go, Boys, Go! What a great God we have! Grandma is off to work now. Love you. Grandma K.

Kay said...

YAY for Dillon! This is awesome news!!! And I love that Jay is a Palin fan :)

Anne said...

Yay Dillon! Great Job!!!

Sorry I went offline so suddenly. The computer cord got disconnected, so one minute I was talking with you and the next my screen was black!!!

I tagged you at my blog so make sure you check it out:).

Nanette said...

Yay Dillon! You made your mommy so happy. She had the biggest smile telling me about it at church this morning! She loves you so much and is so proud of you. Praise the Lord for this happy day. I hope we see you standing again soon.

BrittLeigh said...

I am rejoicing with you!!! Praise God. The miracles He works in your precious son's life are so beautiful. Never lose hope!

Borbe Bunch said...

How exciting, praise the LORD!!!!!! I am so blessed by your love for your boys, both of them created for YOU, to mother and train, each in their own unique way needed....keep pressing on....I am so interested in all that you do for, amazing!!
p.s. Ezzy now weighs about 23 pounds fully clothed :)
What good webpages would you recommend for the patterning that you do???

Tia said...

How thrilling - and what a change from seeing him so ill in hospital. Hope you are enjoying this rollercoaster of a ride with him! No time to get bored, anyway!

I wonder if you could fix a flat door or similar over your patterning table to give him a bit more space to move around on it?