Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Home Sweet Home!

We are home - Praise the Lord! Dillon is doing MUCH better. His color is good, his temperature is good, and he seems very relaxed. He is on room air (no oxygen) and doing good. They did not want to do the sleep study tonight because he was still a little sick and they do not want it to look like his tonsil has to come out if it doesn't really need to. We are rescheduled for April 20th.

EEG results - sorry I didn't post them sooner. The long movements that the doctors thought were seizures were NOT seizures those movements were just that - movements. He did have 30-40 short seizures in 18 hours but they were self limiting and very short (some were only a second or two) We may need to make some adjustments to his diet but no medication is needed! Praise the Lord! He may have had more since he was still sick too. But at least he is not having prolonged seizures! Answer to prayer!!! Now, if only I could get the doctors to LISTEN to me and stop drugging him.... oh well I guess I need the sign above his bed again that says 'HUGS NOT DRUGS!" ;-)

Needing sleep...thankful though for all the help we had a couple visitors and my sister in law. THANK YOU! Thank you for all who called/emailed etc.

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