Friday, March 20, 2009

I lost 1/2 my wisdom!

Well I didn't lose my wisdom - they dug it out of my jaw! I had my lower to wisdom teeth pulled this morning. One was fully impacted and the other one was partially impacted and causing me a LOT of pain for almost 2 weeks now. They wanted to take all four but it would have been 500 since insurance wouldn't pay for the other two until they become a "medical" problem. So we opted to just do two for now. Josiah has had only his bottom two out for about 8 years and not had problems yet. They said it may be 10 years but sooner or later they will start to be a problem because they will keep dropping since they have no teeth to bite onto and stop.

I felt them put the IV in my then a few seconds later I was out! Then when I woke I was hiccuping. I sat up in the recovery room a few minutes later and almost passed out so they ran more fluids. My heart rate dropped to about 45. I was able to come home and eat a little yogurt with crushed up medicine in it. I then slept for 2 hours. When I got up I thought I felt pretty good so I cam down stairs and a few moments later I about passed out again and had to quick lay down. I have been up since, I feel pretty good other than the fact that my lower lip and chin are so numb I can't tell when my spoon is touching it, or when I have yogurt on it, or even when I am drooling!

Dillon's nurse is so sweet and is helping me today! She is wonderful! I don't know what I would do without her! I am so thankful the Lord brought her into our lives! Mrs. J also brought us a meal - soup! Perfect for me. I was able to eat a little of that already too. Thank you so much Mrs J!

Hopefully this numbness will go away soon and I am praying I won't swell too much...Sunday is probably going to be the worse day for swelling and we are supposed to stand in front of the church to join on Sunday morning!! So please don't laugh at my chipmunk cheeks! Ahhhh! Oh well. When you think to pray for me, please also pray for my mom - she got a tooth pulled today too!


No No Nanette said...

you were in my prayers today - so glad that it went well and that they only had to take 2 out. Hope you heal quickly - but take the time to rest!:)

Katie said...

I hope you're feeling better today! You looked great on Sunday for just having your wisdom teeth out! It was so nice to get together with you guys!! Congrats on joining VFBT!