Thursday, March 12, 2009

Thank you for praying. Dillon is doing ok today. Last night the doctors thought he had a 30 minute long seizure and gave him 3 doses of heavy duty seizure drugs. I do not believe it was a seizure, even though I was at the Ronald McDonald house and did not see it. From what they described to me it sounds like Dillon was just trying to move from his back to his belly and as he was not able to he was getting upset and they misread that to be a seizure. We will never know for sure, but Dillon has never had a 30 minute long seizure before. Praise the Lord he is active and lifting his head again (normally those drugs leave him in la-la land for up to a couple of days!)

I was able to show the doctors who are on for tonight this movement and show them how he calmed right down when you sit him up or put him on his belly so I am praying they will not use drugs unnecessarily.

He is still wheezing and have a hard time keeping his lungs clear of secretions so I think we will be here several more days. (I had 2 hours of sleep then was waken to the "seizure" thing for 3 hours then got 2.5 more hours of sleep! I'm Tired!) Saturday my sister in law was planning to come so she will be here to help. Friends from Church had Jay on Wed and that was a big blessing! Several other people have offered to help with Jay...this is such a blessing to me! It is so wonderful to know there are people willing to help if I need them! Thank you!!

Please just keep praying for all of us. Jay is getting better, but now I am also getting sick. :-(


Grandma K. said...

Praying. Love you all. Mom K.

pa and grandma said...

we are praying for you. Please eat Tiff even though you are sick and your tooth hurts. Kiss Jay for us

Love Grandpa and Grandma S.

Kelly (from Overbrook) said...

Hi, I hope Dillon is better soon. You should look into The Vest- Airway Clearance System, by Hillrom. It is a great way to help move the secretions up and out of the lungs. Good luck. I hope you are all home soon.