Wednesday, April 22, 2009

First ZOO trip!

Overbrook school for the blind had an activity at the Philadelphia Zoo today so we decided to go to it. Josiah and I decided that by the time we spent what we would have to to pay for my Mom and the nurse to go with us, plus parking we are half way to a year round pass so we got the pass. Now we can go whenever we want all year round, we can take two people with us each time for free and we don't have to pay for parking (plus you get discount in the gift shop but I don't like to spend money anyways...).
First animals JayDonn saw - some monkeys! Boys were his eyes big!

Grandma S and Jay looking at animals (the red mark on his head is from him coming down the ramp - Dillon's style minus the towel for the head!)

Dillon and some bats - yuck!

Dillon and the Tortoise (Miss Katie - Dillon vision teacher is there holding Jay too)

Me and my boys! (with a big lion in the back ground!)

MORE PICTURES TOMORROW! my camera started to die so my vision teach took some on hers and is giving them to me tomorrow....

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Mema said...

Pretty neat pictures if i do say so myself LOL, I can just imagine being there with the boys..oh yeah I was LOL..sorry just being a brat it is late and you know me!!!! where are the ones that you were suppose to post today though, another thing for the white board LOL