Thursday, February 18, 2010

Hip Spica Casts

I wanted to show everyone what the cast is like that Dillon will have to be in for four weeks - if God doesn't heal his hip before surgery. These are the hip spica casts, we don't know for sure yet if Dillon's will be the bilateral or the one and one-half spica:

I also included some pictures of other kids wearing the hip spica cast that I found on the Internet. Dillon was scheduled for another X-ray at his pre-op appointment on March 11 that I didn't know about until this week. Which means, if God heals the hip before then, they will clearly see if on the X-ray..... so after seeing these pictures.... will you PLEASE PRAY FOR A MIRACLE! That Dillon's hip would be back in place by the March 11 X-ray! Thank you!
I know God can heal his hip, I just don't know if it is God's plan to heal it or not. Maybe there is some reason we have to go through with the surgery and cast.... but I am still praying that if there be any way within His will that He will heal Dillon's hip so he won't have to go through that.
Thank you for your prayers and for passing on this prayer request to others so that we all can go before God on Dillon's behalf.

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