Sunday, February 21, 2010

Funny Jay Quotes

My mom told me I haven't been telling her Jay's funny quotes, so I thought I would write them down so I have them for him to read one day too...

1. This morning while getting ready for church I had my hot rollers on my bed. Jay was sitting on my bed watching me and informs me "Those are for Grandmas!" I guess it has been a while since I used them to curl my hair so he only remembers seeing his Grandma use them!

2. Thursday night Jay felt the baby kick him for the first time. I have tried before but he is too impatient. His eyes got very big when he really did feel the baby. Then Friday at the doctor's office he felt it again. He has tried a few more times and he usually puts his hand on my belly for a second and then says "He kicked me!" and I will tell him no he didn't, but Jay insists he did kick Jay. I don't think he gets that I can feel when it happens too! Jay is calling the baby "he" or "boy" sometimes now. I kept telling him that baby might be a girl or it might be a boy, and I think he is finally understanding that we don't know what it is. (Well MOST of us don't know what it is!) But the funny quote that goes with this one is something he has been saying for weeks now... He will just walk up to me and tell me this.... I don't know why! "I don't break the baby's head, I kiss the baby?" And I say yes kiss the baby so he does. I don't know WHERE he got the "I don't break the baby's head" from though! But I am glad he knows he shouldn't do that!

3. Often when he is sitting on the potty he says "I don't pee on Mommy! I don't poop on Mommy! I pee in the potty." Another one I am glad he knows! But not sure why we have to talk about it.... boys!

4. If I have something hot in my hand he tells me "Don't burn Jay's head!" Like I would burn his head!

5. Daddy was in the bathroom with him cutting his hair and I went up to see how it was going. Jay told me "Ummm, you go out and Daddy cut my hair!" Thanks a lot little man... you do realize I am the one who makes your food right? heehee

6. When he is on the potty now he tells us to go out so he can poop. He is only 2.5 years old!

7. Jay loves to "wipe my kisses off" as a game. Sometimes he will even wipe my kisses off of Dillon and Daddy too! I thought I would have at least a few more years before he wiped my kisses off!

Can't think of any more right now... hope you smiled as you read these. And I can't wait to one day tease Jay about all the crazy things he said.

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valerieschnarr said...

Thanks for sharing, I was laughing as i imagined Jays face in some of these. The determined look when he tells you the baby kicked him. I think one of my favoritaes though, was well you were in China and Would ask Jay who did something (like create a mess) and he would reply 'DILLON DID IT' Thanks for the stories, keep them coming!