Friday, February 19, 2010


We had several appointments today. Dillon's doctor said his lungs sound GREAT! So that is awesome. He said Dillon shouldn't even look at anyone sick still though. We also had acupuncture today, went shopping, and went out to lunch.

Another appointment today was my OB appointment. They said my blood sugar levels came back perfectly normal - Praise the Lord! With JayDonn I was borderline diabetic so I was worried this time. But when I tested myself I was actually low. So I am very thankful the numbers were good. My iron levels came back so good the doctor told me they are better than her levels! More awesome news. My blood pressure is good. With Dillon I gained 19 pounds, with JayDonn I gained 25 pounds, and with this one I have already gained 24! But my pre-pregnancy weight was much lower this time than with the other two.

I told the doctor that when I have the next ultrasound I would like to do something. She told me I wouldn't have another ultrasound unless necessary. I told her I was hoping to find out the gender and have them write it down in an envelope so I could give it to Josiah. So she let us wait and quick did an ultrasound. The baby was SO active though. Even the doctor said we have a very very wiggly baby. The baby wouldn't go into a good position for more than a second or two but she wrote down what she is 80% sure the baby is. And no, Robin and I did NOT look!

When Josiah got home I gave him the envelope and told him what I did. (He had no idea I wanted to do this for him) He took the envelope upstairs and came back saying it had scribbles on it not words. I guessed they must have done the symbol for male or female so I showed him the symbols and he said it was still messy and hard to understand - but he does know what the doctor wrote! This is so much fun! I love that he knows, but I don't and no one else does!

And no - he is NOT going to tell! :o)

I love surprises, don't you?!

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Shari said...

woohooo! you're going to have another baby! <3 <3 <3 hearts and hugs from your internet friend,