Thursday, March 11, 2010

Pre-Op for Hip surgery

We had our pre-op for hip surgery today. The doctor normally likes to read the X-ray while the family is still in the anesthesia appointment, but he wasn't able to be in today so he will call me Monday with how the X-ray compares to the last one. The pre-op appointment went like they all do... nothing too exciting. They will reserve him a bed on the PICU for after the surgery. I have to call his neuro tomorrow and figure out how we will adjust the diet because he is not allowed his fish oil for 2 weeks before surgery. I believe fish oil thins the blood so he can't have it, but without it his diet loses a lot of fat and will cause more seizures.

However, I think we will still end up putting off the surgery until after the baby is born so that the stretches we are doing, the chiropractor and the acupuncturist can have a few months to see if they can help his body without surgery. Especially since this is a surgery the doctor told me will have to be done multiple times. The doctor had told me there was no rush in getting it done, so if there is a hope to help him without surgery/casting Josiah and I feel we must give it a chance! (If we dely the surgery I do not have to have this appointment again, they will just call me to go over any changes - so by going now even though we will probably put it off for a few months I did not waste anyone's time.)

Dillon's leg has made improvements from what i can see. He now allows us to stretch him as much as we can without his heart rate going up, him fighting us, or meeting resistance. He allows us to put him into a froggy position on his belly and he will keep it for up to an hour. And his nurse said last night he had his left knee bent and the ankle on top of the right leg. All these are improvements from a few weeks ago!!! So I am really praying that these improvements mean the hip is moving back into place! PLEASE continue to pray that this will be the case! Dillon and I thank you for your prayers! :o)

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