Monday, May 24, 2010

Happy One Week Truett!

Dear Truett,
Happy one week birthday! Yesterday you were one week old so I wanted to write you about your first week of life. Your brothers ADORE you. That's right, even Dillon loves you. When we put you on his lap he opens his eyes very wide and looks around. I had you laying with Dillon on his lap for over an hour one time and you were both so calm and relaxed. Jay thinks you are the best thing ever! He is constantly kissing you and telling me that he loves you. He kisses you so much that sometimes you cry. In the van Jay sits right beside you and rubs you. The first thing he says in the morning, starting your first morning home, is "Where's MY baby? Can you go get my baby?" He has to know where you are at every moment. One time Jay said he didn't want to go to the store because he had to stay with you. We have assured him that you are not going any where. While in the hospital, Jay saw your bracelets and asked me if you had the bracelet on in my belly. It was so cute. Other things Jay keeps saying is "The baby came out already?" and "We called him Baby in your belly? But now we call him Truett?"

Ok, about the week... I already wrote about your birth, so I won't write about that again. Sunday before church Grandpa and Grandma brought Dillon and JayDonn up to the hospital to see you. Jay loved you so much right away. We got a video of the first time they both saw you (its on my other camera I will have to add it later...sorry). Then Grandpa, Grandma, Dillon and Jay went to church and you and I snuggled at the hospital. After church everyone came back and spent the whole afternoon with you. Grandpa, Grandma, and Daddy were all falling asleep in the room...I wanted to take pictures of everyone else after Mommy gave birth because they seemed more tired than me! Everyone went back to church Sunday night and Daddy came back to the hospital to sleep with us. I let the nurses take you to the nursery around 11:30pm and they brought you back one time in the night to eat then took you again until 6am. Daddy and Mommy needed the rest! But for some reason I kept dreaming that you were in bed with me and I was afraid you would fall so I kept waking up.

Then Monday morning the doctor looked at you and told me she would release you if it was alright with the OB to let me go home. Everyone was good with that idea, especially me! So they took you to circumcise you at 11:00am. My heart breaks knowing it would be painful so I packed the room while you were gone to give me something to do. Miss Lori came to the hospital and took some beautiful pictures of you. Then Grandpa and Grandma came for a little bit before they had to leave to go home to West Virginia. Around 4:30 we walked you out of the hospital and drove home. It was a wonderful feeling to leave so soon with you. You were so quiet on the way home, Daddy had me check on you several times to make sure you were ok. On the way home, we stopped at the Chiropractor and Dr. Berman adjusted Daddy and Mommy. Then we took you home. Jay ran up to me and gave me a big hug then, literally, pushed past me to go see you! We took some pictures with the "Welcome Home Truett Mark" sign that Jay made for you. Miss Robin got to meet you then and so did Miss Victoria, who brought us a meal for that first night home. Of course, everyone thinks you are adorable! After Miss Robin left, Daddy went out to work on the car. Dillon started beeping, Jay was telling me "NO!" and you were nursing. I went to the door and asked Daddy to come help me!!!! I felt very over whelmed at that moment, but it has been better since.

Tuesday started with Dillon's vision teacher being here. Jay walked down and looked at us all and said "Where's my baby?" He didn't even say Hi to anyone. Tuesday was a pretty calm day at home, but of course Jay was right there by you the whole day! Daddy and Mommy were talking about how big your feet are so I got Dillon's baby book out to compare. I have a foot print from when Dillon was around 3 months old and your foot is the exact same size! I wonder if that means you are going to be big and is that way for puppies - does that hold true for humans too?

Wednesday was Dillon's IEP meeting so we had 5 ladies here. You were eating when they came so when you were done and they could see you they had to "stop the meeting!" so they could all admire the tiny baby. Wednesday night we took you to church for the first time. I carried you in the sling so you were all snuggled. One lady saw me ans started to say "You are due soon, right?" and I turned and pointed to you! You slept during the whole church service and of course I loved holding you!

Thursday we left Jay at home with Daddy and took you and Dillon to the doctor's. First we started with Dillon's acupuncture and then we went to Dr. Gelman's. You were born at 7lb 2oz and the first night were down to 6lb 14oz and I was told that you would continue to lose weight but they would like to see you getting close to the 6lb 14oz again by this appointment. You were actually 6lb 15.4oz! Dr. Gelman walked in saying "that's not supposed to happen!" He was pleasantly surprised with you! You also got your first immunization, Hep B. I don't like getting immunizations, but Daddy wants us to so we do. I didn't get it done in the hospital so we had to get it done now. The doctor is ok with me spreading them out and only doing one at a time since we go every month for Dillon anyways. You cried for about 5 seconds and stopped before I could even pick you up off the table. Jay helped me with your first bath. We layed you on the floor and did a sponge bath, the only problem was he wanted to do it all and didn't think he needed my help. We got a video of that too.

Friday I rearranged the living room so that you and Dillon could lay beside each other. I put up the black and white boards with bright lights for you both to look at. It seems like you like them, when you are awake you look at them a lot. Usually when you are looking at them you have one hand on the top of your head playing with your hair. A few times you have grabbed your hair and pulled so hard it made you cry! A lady from church brought us a meal Friday that was delicious. She made enough that it was Saturday's dinner and Sunday's lunch. The ladies at church are very sweet.

Saturday we loaded the van up and went for our weekly chiropractor visit. Jay wanted Dr. Berman to adjust you, but I told him that you have to wait till you are a little bigger. Then we were going to head to a park for a picnic lunch. While we were waiting for Daddy to finish the lights on the van I fed you and then changed your diaper. Of course you shot poop out all over your clothes, my shirt and skirt and my hands. I had to go change and Daddy changed your clothes. Then we went to the park, but of course you didn't like the bright sun. After the park we went to Good Will (Jay's sandals broke at the park and the sole fell off). But we didn't find anything in his size. We walked down to Wal-Mart, but I didn't find any sandals there either. We got your diapers and went back to the van. While I fed you (you think you have to eat the moment you are hungry!) Daddy worked on the lights, again. This time he dropped a bolt in the engine and couldn't reach it. We spent an hour trying to get this bolt. After buying a magnet at the dollar store and it not working I used Dillon's pulse ox tape and Daddy was able to get it out. Then we were able to come home.

Sunday we got up at 6:30 to get ready for church... it was going to be a big day for you. You and Daddy were getting a rose at church! New Daddy's get to bring the baby up front and tell the church the names and ages of siblings and all the info on the new baby. Pastor Wendal then presents the Daddy with a rose that has a blue (or pink - for the girls) bow tied to the vase. It was funny because Daddy said all the info on you and didn't know that Pastor normally asks one question at a time. So the only thing Daddy forgot was to tell who you look like. You do look like Daddy, so that is what he said. You were adorable, dressed in a little tiny suit with a tie and a silver vest that Grandma S found for me at a store. Both your brothers had their own little suit so it was only right that you wear yours for your rose!

You had a pretty eventful first week of life, I would say. All the places you went and things you did! No wonder today, at only eight days old, you stayed awake for 3+ hours this afternoon.... you are afraid if you sleep you might miss something!

I love you so much already, Truett. I can't wait to get to see your personality as you get older. You seem like such a little peanut, it is hard to believe that as tiny as you are - you are a little person! I know you are going to get big so fast, so I am trying to cherish the moments. I think I am taking more pictures with you then your brothers because I now know how fast the times flies and I want to have as memories as possible. It has been a great first week with you... I love you Truett!
P.S. You lost your umbilical cord today! You get your first REAL bath tomorrow!

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Donna said...

Dear Truett,
You have had a very busy first week. I am so glad that I got to meet you already. God is so good. He allowed Grandpa and I to be there when you arrived. We are looking forward to seeing you and the rest of your family again soon. We have to fit in some work time first but we hope to see you in about 11 days. Maybe Mommy or Daddy can give you, Jay, and Dillon a kiss from Grandpa and I. Keep busy eating and growing. We are praying for you every day. Love, Grandma K.