Thursday, May 06, 2010

Our "new" van!

Our "new" van! It is a 1997 Dodge Caravan with 37K miles on it and is wheelchair accessible. Josiah got an awesome deal on it. He flew to NH on Monday - and got the last ticket on the plane - and drove home. The dealer he got it from was very nice, they fixed some things on the spot that would have cost us a lot to get fixed here and took off a little because there was a couple spots of rust.

There is a little button at the back where Josiah is standing that you hold down to open the door and lower the ramp, then pull it up to lift the ramp and close the door.

Then you just push Dillon up and turn him around to face the front.

He is then secured with four straps that attach to the floor. He already has a "car seat belt" on his wheel chair. This way we don't have to load and unload all his equipment every time we get in and out. We don't have to carry him and lift him into a car seat and back into the wheelchair every time!

I LOVE our van! I am actually looking forward to going out with Dillon now! It makes life so much easier. I don't dread leaving the house because I know we only have to load and unload one time. It is so much quicker. I can't say enough about how much easier it is!!! Thank you Lord for your timing and providing it for us. It took hours of Josiah looking at Craig's list across the whole country, ebay, dealerships, etc to find a van. They are CRAZY expensive - but God provided one for a great price. He got the last seat on the plane, the price was lowered, the fact that he is off work and could go get it right away so we have it for when baby comes, etc. Perfect...all the details were planned perfectly. Praise the Lord!


val said...

looks really nice. The Lord is awesome isnt He? he gives you just what you need and more!

Alesha said...

Oh Tiffany!!!!! I am so PLEASED for you!!! That is just awesome.

We have been praying for years for another this is such an encouragement to me!

Enjoy your outings together! :)