Saturday, June 04, 2011

Enjoying Summer

Some pictures of our family enjoying the summer!

Truett watching Daddy and Jay play... he wants to go and do everything they do together!

Standing in the driveway

Jay and Daddy playing

Friends of friends gave his car to Jay last year near the fall, he was afraid of it last year but this year he is loving it! And of course Truett goes along for the ride!

2 years ago Grandpa and Grandma gave Jay this from sprinkler and again he was terrified of it, but this year it has been fun.

... Especially with how hot it has been this last week!

They had a lot of fun!

I am surprised Truett just sat there for a long time and let the water spray him!

Today we thought was a church activity to pass out info about the church then a picnic after wards at a park, but that is NEXT week! So we found another place to go since we were all in the car with the picnic!

Jay took a picture of Daddy and Mommy for us.... don't we look great?!?! Best picture of me ever!


valerieschnarr said...

Great pictures, how did Jay manage to go to great grandma Schnarr photography that with his camera or yours!

Donna said...

Love all the pics but in person would be best. Looking forward to seeing you all. Love and prayers, Grandpa and Grandma K.